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The Menacing Trio: BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, and Lexus IS-F

Updated on July 7, 2014

The BMW M3 and the Mercedes C63 AMG are known as the ultra-powered elite of the car world, boasting the best and fastest upgrades and technological advances. For the longest time, nothing rivaled these two amazing cars, until Lexus cranked out the Lexus IS-F to give these two a run for their money. This proves to be quite the formidable trio, but like all cars, each one has its own positives and negatives. This multi-comparison covers all of the facets of these cars, including appearance, handling, and how it performs on the track. Let's evaluate these three cars, judge their exterior, interior, handling, and how well they perform on the track. Obviously you can't go wrong with either the M3, C63, and IS-F, but how do each of these cars stack up to each other?


This menacing looking trio each has a slight shortcoming when discussing visual terms that slightly take away the vehicle as a whole. This by no means is implying that these cars are less appealing, as they are all still pretty epic in their own ways. The C63 has way too much happening in the front end with twin veins in the hood like the 300SL Gullwing. The M3 has one too many extraneous vents located on the fender and hood, while the IS-F simply has way too much hood. Also, the IS-F's stacked outlets aren't connected to the exhaust, which is pretty bizarre.

The interior of all three vehicles is nothing short of spectacular, as always. However, the IS-F has the most cool and futuristic looking cabin, with aluminized composite accents, which are silver carbon-fiber panels located on the dash and the center console. This gives it a cool color contrast as well as an elevating, classier look overall. Its sport seats are pretty comfortable, but do get kind of spongey. On the other hand, the M3 has pretty firm seats and some pretty intense stitching patterns, but don't really have much thigh support. However, the M3's steering wheel is to die for, with M thread and super thick leather. The best interior seats belong to the C63 as the seats are extremely soft and there's even a nifty feature where you can adjust the sides of the seats in or out.

The Circuit:

The M3 is very relaxed on the road, with a very complex and multi-faceted system and has a little bit too much refinement in the chassis. It's tame on the road, but a whole other monster on the racetrack. The IS-F has a second air intake, low-end torque and 8 speed transmission give a car a modest turn. The Lexus IS-F has 416 hp and an 8 speed transmission, with huge exhaust outlets designed in the most formidable looking fashion. The braking, steering, and acceleration are quite smooth, but the suspension rebounds in a quick jolt and isn't smooth at all. Mercedes Benz wins this found, with 443 lb-ft of torque by a V8 engine with the most furious sounding exhaust noise and tire smoke. It has quite the energetic suspension and absolutely quick steering that makes it a fun drive on normal roads as well as a menacing foe on the track. The C63 gets the upper hand in this round.

On the Track:

The noise a car makes while starting a track is a pretty good gauge of how it's going to perform. The IS-F makes a sort of low key whooshing noise that gives way to the car's smooth driving behavior. The M3 has a sharp sound that just increases in ferocity, as if suggesting that it gets better as speed increases. The C63 has those humongous tailpipes that hint at how powerful the car is. It's got a crisp, very nice turn in feel, and some crazy stability. You would have the gradually ease the throttle as you exit.

Performance wise, the IS-F and the C63 are polar opposites, while the M3 does a funny thing and is the complete opposite of itself on the track and on the street. BMW does this to continue to keep its own fan base, as well as draw in new customers who must have a car that performs well on the track. The IS-F doesn't move as naturally as the C63 or the M3, but is pretty predictable as its smooth with a progressive steering system.

So what are the results of the lap time? As predicted, the M3 has the best time, followed by the C63 at .8 seconds slower, and then the IS-F at a second slower than the C63. Lap times don't mean much though, as it's still difficult to rank the cars objectively. None of these cars either win or lose, as you have to look at the overall package here. These cars are all amazing in their own way: beautiful interior, gorgeous LED lighting available, handle great, and all have a menacing exterior. Each of these cars have a firm and loyal fan base so you can't go wrong joining any of them.


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