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The Model Line-up Of The New Merged GM & Chrysler: Part X - Dodge Cars

Updated on October 13, 2008

2009 Dodge Avenger $19,815

It's a rebadged and restyled Sebring, so it really doesn't fit into the new Chrysler division of General Motors / Chrysler Corporation and is readily replaced by the Malibu and G6. Those will be the new merged automaker's so called midsized sedans with the Malibu taking over the family sedan role and the G6 fulfilling the sportier driver's requirements and desires.


2009 Dodge Caliber $15,710

Why does this car even exist? It has all the swoopy lines of a brick, is way too large and unwieldy for its asthmatic 1.8 litre wimpyplant, and has taken the classic Chrysler fuselage styling to extremes so that the rear visibility is virtually non-existent through its Hunchback of Notre Dame rear end styling. There is more than ample room for an economy car in the Chrysler division of the new General Motors / Chrysler Corporation, but this car most definitely does not fit the bill.


2009 Dodge Challenger $21,320

Sure, it's big and, sure, the 6.1 litre SRT Hemi engine option has to go back to Jurassic Park from whence it came, but this is one sweet sporty car, and the absolutely spot on retro looks are just too good to pass up. It's everything that General Motors' new Camaro isn't: a car that honors its heritage while updating the entire package. The new Camaro really doesn't look like a Camaro at all, thus falls far behind the true retro cruisers that actually have styling that works, such as the Challenger and the Ford Mustang. Since Dodge will now only be a truck line in the newly merged General Motors / Chrysler Corporation, this is a great opportunity to rename this car with the name that it should have always had: the Chrysler Cuda!


2009 Dodge Charger $23,895

I have stated over and over again that there can be no room in the newly combined General Motors / Chrysler Corporation for rebadged clone models, but I did make one exception in the case of the Malibu and G6, and need to make another similar exception here. The Charger is to the 300 what the G6 is to the Malibu, a sportier, more aggressive, hotter cousin which belies the reality that it's exactly the same car under the sheet metal. While the 300 and Malibu can appeal to the executive and family driver, the Charger and the G6 as stablemates can fulfill the dreams of the more sporting motorist. Therefore it must be kept, at least in its 2.7 litre V6 configuration and with the name of Chrysler Charger, to balance out the new General Motors / Chrysler Corporation's sedan offerings.


2009 Dodge Viper $85,710

How can the newly merged General Motors / Chrysler Corporation justify continuing production of a car which has to reside in the same dealership as the Chevrolet Corvette, offers just about the same performance, and costs twice as much? For anyone in the market for an American Supercar, the Vette does the job very nicely and for far less money. Especially if the Vette can be shrunk a bit while preserving its phenomenal performance and outstanding bang for the buck, there is no room for the V10 Viper.


Continued in Part XI


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