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The Model Line-up Of The New Merged GM & Chrysler: Part XI - Dodge SUVs

Updated on October 13, 2008

2009 Dodge Dakota $20,575

This thing is way too big to be a mid-sized truck and there is no room for it in a General Motors / Chrysler Corporation lineup which features the newly shrunk version of the Chevrolet Colorado. Sure, I'd love to see the full size Ram trucks chopped down to size to fit the Dakota's silhouette, but even with the gas and economic crunch there are still millions of North Americans who want and need a full size pickup truck, so there's no point shooting yourself in the foot by sending them all packing for the Toyota Tundra!


2009 Dodge Durango $27,630

There is absolutely nothing that the Dodge Durango does that can't be done much better, more economically, more practically, and more inexpensively by the Chevrolet Equinox, now to be rebranded the Dodge Equinox. The new Dodge Equinox will be able to satisfy the market niche in a very stylish manner and provide more than enough value and quality to the motorist who is in the market for this sort of mid sized SUV. Therefore, the Durango has to go the way of its pickup truck cousin the Dakota and be eliminated from the model lineup of the new combined General Motors / Chrysler Corporation.


2009 Dodge Grand Caravan $21,975

As this is nothing more than a rebadged Chrysler Town and Country, it shares all of its twin brother's lack of reasons to exist. General Motors / Chrysler Corporation should give serious thought to the importation of the Vauxhall / Opel Meriva MPV which is such a wonderful small minivan that it will make the North American car buying public forget all about these huge lumbering dinosaurs that are mini only in name! Just check out the salient specs of the Vauxhall / Opel Meriva MPV and see if you'll never look at what passes for a minivan in the North American market: A fully equipped 5 door minivan with a 1,364 cc 4 cylinder engine featuring four valves per cylinder providing 90 horsepower and 92 ft./lbs. of torque in a front wheel drive package that can tow 2,200 lbs., weighs only 2,700 lbs., and is only 13 feet long and 5 and a half feet wide! Goodbye huge "mini"-vans!


2009 Dodge Journey $20,125

The 2009 Dodge Journey is the answer to a question nobody asked to fill a market niche that doesn't exist to buyers who are only illusory. Whoever thought that this was the right vehicle to introduce this year should be carted off to a mental institution. In the new lean and mean General Motors / Chrysler Corporation, this sort of skewed thinking has absolutely no place, and, of course, neither does the Dodge Journey, a vehicle whose short journey has come to an abrupt end.


2009 Dodge Nitro $21,440

Take a Jeep Liberty, run it headfirst into a wall, suck out the vehicle from the butt end to elongate it, dress it in a thick coat of ugly, and you have the Nitro. The only appropriate reference is to the substance that should be used to blow it up. Four wheeling in the new General Motors / Chrysler Corporation will be the exclusive domain of Jeep, so this motoring absurdity can now return to Dr. Z.'s fevered dreams… wherever he is…


Continued in Part XII


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