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The Modified Honda Stream

Updated on May 21, 2013

Pure JDM Honda!

Why did this only hit the Japanses Domestic Market? Well, only Honda knows that. But this Honda Stream is a fantastic car built by Honda. The car gives its owners a great sense of style and functionality. Sporty enough to please the Honda fanatic but yet pleasant enough to put the car seat into. This automobile caters to all people in all walks of life.

Follow along as I give you some more information on this little known about Honda Make. Take a journey into the Japanese Domestic Market and see this Honda Stream on the streets of Japan. Browse images and modification information. There's something here for everyone!

The Honda Stream made it's way onto the market in October of the year 2000. It's got 3 rows of seating like a mini van but it's built on a modified Honda Civic chassis. It's kind of like a cross-over vehicle between a Honda Civic and the MPV minivan.

The Honda Stream became an instant success. It's been a top seller in Japan since it's release. Currently there are 2 generations of the Stream. The first generation produced between 2000-2006 and the second generation produced from 2007-Present.

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Modify your Honda Stream

Like all other Honda's on the market the Honda Stream has a huge assortment of aftermarket performance parts available. Here's a few of the more common modifications mostly simple bolt-ons but still a start in your Modified Honda Stream.

Performance Modifications

  • Cold Air Intake:
    Installing a cold air intake or CAI for short is a great way to help your Honda Stream get more cool air into the intake manifold. Intakes are cheap and readily available. If your new to modifying your vehicle start here. The CAI will give you a slight increase of 5-7 HP.
  • Header:
    If you've installed that intake then your going to want to install the header next. All that air needs to escape from the cylinders. The headers have a much higher volume of air exhaust and give your motor a nice aggressive purr! Headers are know for giving you a great increase in the mid RPM range. 3500-5000RPM will have the most substantial increase in both power and torque.
  • Exhaust:
    OK, so you've installed the intake and header, now it's time to tackle the exhaust system. Give your Modified Honda Stream the full monty worth of bolt-ons. The exhaust will finish the system off nicely. You have a few different options here: Custom exhaust, or pre-made performance exhaust. More often than never a custom exhaust system will be cheaper but you will not be able to install it yourself (unless you have access to welding and shop tools). If you're a DIY kinda guy, then maybe a performance packaged exhaust is the way for you to go! In most cases these bolt together and use the OEM Honda mounting locations.

So you've installed all 3 of these performance parts. Great! You can now classify yourself as a true Automotive Tuner, you've got the bug, the sickness, your now going to want more and more parts for your Modified Honda Stream. If that's the case, let's spice up the appearance of your car. Take a look at these exterior modifications!

Exterior Modifications for your Honda Stream

Create a car you can truly call your own. Performance modifications are great, but other than the sound, you don't usually stand out in the crowd. To do this you must move into some exterior modifications. Get a custom one-off paint job, have a wild body kit installed, better yet, get yourself the Mugen Package for your Modified Honda Stream. You wont be disappointing! It's one of the cleanest and most stylish options available. Take it one step further and get the Carbon Fiber lip kit. People will be green with envy!

Get yourself a nice set of rims! The right aftermarket rims can really make your Modified Honda Stream stand out. Show Car wise, the bigger the better! Get those aftermarket wheels tucking into the fender wells and get mega points from the judges!

Interior Modifications for your Honda Stream

The interior of the Honda Stream is pretty bad-ass OEM style. But for those who want to go all the way, here's some great ideas to get you on the right path!

  • Shift Knob:
    Give your had a comfortable place to rest on. The OEM shift knobs are not as good of a design. Aftermarket ones fit the hand much nicer and are often weighted. Increasing shift accuracy!
  • Shift Boot:
    Functionality wise, this will do nothing for you other than look cool. Subtile changes like this work great to bring together a color scheme for your interior. Use small accent pieces and dash vents to offset colors and style!
  • Custom Gauges
    A real show stopper, but be wared. You should get these installed professionaly. The needle's in the gauge cluster are very fragile and damage very easily. A very, very costly mistake that you do not want to make.
  • Sound System
    Feel the music, install a boomin' sound system to rattle all the bolts loose. If you drive lots and long distances this can easily keep you entertained through all road trips. It'll also keep you from falling asleep at the wheel :)

Final Thoughts...

All-in-all the Modified 2001 Honda Stream is an amazing car, packed with features that make Honda a Honda. Affordable, Reliable and most importantly Attractive.

What do you guys think? How does the Honda Stream shape up against the competition? Let me know be commenting below!


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    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      I am not so much interested about cars but this car looks awesome. Great hub with awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.