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Pet Peeves While Driving

Updated on June 24, 2016

Here’s to all you fellow drivers out there. As we drive back and forth on a daily basis, we see so many cringe-worthy, road-rage inducing moments that make us shake our heads. I know what you’re thinking: Really? Her, a woman, judging the way other people drive and present themselves on the road? Hear me out fellas, I drive a stick-shift.

Here are so many of those moments I see on the road on a daily basis that can turn a lady into the HULK in 0.5 seconds.

  • Stick Families and Bumper Stickers

We all know what I’m talking about here. You don’t need to show me nor anyone else that you live in a happy house-hold with 3 kids and a dog. And frankly, I don’t care. I can only assume you drive a van for safety purposes. Your Honda Odyssey with a BABY ON BOARD sticker on the back window doesn’t really scream “I’m single and ready to mingle.” Also, to those of you who feel the need have a bumper sticker bragging about your son or daughter who’s an honour student at <insert school name here>, again, I don’t care. If he was such an honour student, you think he’d have a better paying job to buy you a fancier car than that shit-box.

  • Lane Weavers

Whether it’s on the highway or a two lane side-street, there’s always someone in a hurry who feels the need to cut everyone off and weave through traffic. Let’s save the weaving and drifting between lanes for Vin Diesel and Tyrese. What’s the rush? Way to be Mario Andredi, with all your reckless driving and almost taking out a few cars, you ended up a few cars ahead of me at the stop light. Bravo!

  • Texting and Applying Make-up

Nothing makes me want to HULK smash anything more than when I see someone texting while driving. Why can’t you call that person. Are we that inept when it comes to having a real conversation. I’m sure your LOL’s and OMG’s can wait until you get out of the car.

Also, for those ladies out there who think it’s okay to apply your make-up while driving, you bring shame to us. You can’t wait to get to the office or spend an extra 5 minutes at home? You’re only going to end up poking yourself in the eye with your mascara and looking like a tired hooker anyways.

  • Poor Drive-Thru Etiquette

For those of you who order a dozen sandwiches and 15 coffees in a Tim Hortons drive-thru, shame on you. This is meant to be a quick option for us who want a quick coffee break throughout the day. You’d rather waste $10 in gas waiting for this gigantic order, than go inside and save us a bit of time. How do you live if you can’t even get out of your seat to grab some food. Get off your ass, you lard.

  • Rubberneckers

Yes, we all get a morbid sense of excitement when we realize there’s an accident further up the road. But when you’re driving by, you don’t need to slowly creep your window down and stare at the already embarrassed victims. Sure, the bright, shiny lights atop the fire truck and ambulance are bright and fascinating, but let’s keep moving.

  • Loud Exhausts & Massive Tires

Alright guys, nothing says “I’m packing a little lightly down there” than a truck with a giant exhaust and massive tires. What are you trying to prove? Need I say more on this one?

What are other habits that you dislike while driving?


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