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The Perils of Winter Driving- Must See Video

Updated on June 27, 2012
Ice and snow
Ice and snow
Snow on the highway
Snow on the highway
slipping and sliding
slipping and sliding

Like most Californians, I have a love\hate relationship with snow and winter. For us, to reach the Alpine-like nirvana of Lake Tahoe (it does look like the Alps) it is 3.5 hr drive. Once there, the experience is majestic and serene. I am sure it is like this for the Southern California residents who have a similar drive to Big Bear ski resort. That said, my experience of driving in true winter conditions (California winters are just wet) with icy roads and tons of snow is minimal.

It freaks me out! Especially when the road is icy, 3-4 ft. snowdrifts along the road, and the atmospheric conditions resemble a blizzard. At first, the new surroundings are like a food feast for the eyes, everything is pure white and marshmellowy. It SO quiet in the snow and peaceful. Yet, despite all of these wonderful surroundings, driving in this is a "pins and needles" affair.

At the time, I even had a AWD Subaru Outback. Going up we did not use chains, um. fine until we had to. I hate this-putting on effing chains along side of the road, laying in snow under the car, freezing my rear off while trying to attach them when I cannot see what I am doing. Hands go numb because I have to take the gloves off for dexterity purposes. Once on, the travel time significantly decreases to not more than 40 mph. So, we come to a stop sign on icy roads. Yeah, anyone who has driven in winter knows what is coming- brakes are applied and a rumble is heard, passengers glance out of fear at each other, the car does NOT stop! Oh shit. Real panic sets in. A total feeling of helplessness. The car just slides through into the intersection. Luckily, we were alone at the time. No other cars. Talk about EVERYONE hitting the panic button. Like a fool, I just kept pumping the brakes. Ha, ha, ha.

Of course, going up and down hills in this clime tends to produce the same sort of angst. Once it happens, you approach stops in a very conservative manner. Loosing traction is always fun for a freak out also. Suddenly, spinning around or sliding off on a curve is always an adrenalin rush.

Snow creates so many other hassles in life. Got to where tons of clothes, fight the elements, the cold. I mean, just going outside requires a mountain of gear. Sometimes, you cannot even find your car because it is buried. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would stay in an area where icy roads and snow exist for 3-6 months out of the year. Heck, after a four days of this, I am so glad to be in rain and sun back home.

Yes, I love to snow ski, I just could not live like that for long, in true California fashion.Once I have got my snow and ski fix out of my system, I am done with winter weather! Be sure to watch the video-very funny.


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