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The Safe Driver

Updated on July 17, 2013

The profile of a safe driver is more defined by his actions and not his age, hours of driving (night or day driver), experience years on the road, or traffic citations history. Often the profile of a driver can be predicted by the said characteristics but a good driver shows good habits, great control of the car, and good driving skills and is always prepared for just about ANYTHING.

He will drive the car like if there is a connection between him and the car, he has taken the time to practice and learn the car. The turns, changing lanes, maneuvers, high-speed turns, U-turns, stopping, breaking, accelerating, all show master control of the car.

Is not only about avoiding on the last minute high speed maneuvers but also about being careful using common sense on the road at all times. On the freeway or on the street a safe driver will predict any likely incident (pedestrians, car changing lanes or backing up) and avoid accidents.

Before becoming a good safe driver, learn the how-to's of good driving skills that will not only save you from accidents, but will also help save gasoline consumption and will as will help keep your car in good conditions.

Added green light for extra visibility on turns.

The car of a Safe Driver

The car of a safe driver offers more clues about his owner. The car is in the best operational condition possible, clean in the mirrors and windshields and part vital for visibility of the road, flat tire and replacement tire in the trunk, and extra lights or road cones just in case of accident.

The safe driver and his car are proactive, defending against accidents before they happen. They don’t give accidents a chance!

A safe car is:

1) Clean on windshield, mirrors, and other important part relevant to safe view of the transit.

2) In good operational conditions

3) Has all lights working, maybe some more lights are added for visibility or illumination

4) Has insurance, has pen/paper ready for writing details of other cars, drivers, persons involved in an accident.

5) Has caution when making dangerous maneuvers and avoid them as much as possible

6) Has control of his car and knows it pretty well (time it takes to brake from certain speed to 0, ability to make narrow turns, times it takes to speed)

7) the driver is prepared for just about anything. Does not give a chance for accidents to take him ut of watch.


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