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The Top 5 Least Expensive Cars Of 2013

Updated on April 18, 2014

To face one of the harsh realities of life in earnest, the fact is that not everyone can afford the $50,000 luxury car they crave on a factory worker's paycheck. For those Americans a little less than well-heeled the cars that are on the top 5 least expensive cars of 2013 are a viable option, and in most instances are a fairly good buy for the diminished pricing all things considered. No, you won't get any 300 horsepower muscle cars with calf leather interiors here, but what you should be able to find is a dependable mode of transportation that will get you where you need to go in reasonable style, safety and comfort. The list begins with:

1. Nissan Versa 1.6 S Sedan

At a MSRP starting price of $11,990 you get a pretty nice looking four door sedan that comes with a four cylinder, 1.6 Liter engine that puts out 109 horsepower and has a manual transmission. While there are quite a few upgrades you can add to this for a price, in terms of basic transportation this is really a heck of a deal when you consider the cost and what you are getting.

2. Chevrolet Spark LS

For a starting price of $12,185 you can find yourself behind the wheel of this rather, shall we say "unique" looking mini car with a manual transmission and the ride of a small car. The best features by far on this model are the safety components - six months of OnStar with automatic crash response, traction control, 10 air bags, and an electronic stability control system. On a list of this type this is another good buy.

3. Smart For Two Pure

Where to start, where to start...well it has a MSRP base price of $12,490 and that's a good thing right? Other than that the best things that can be said about this car is that the vehicle offers decent interior room for a car of this size, is 85% recyclable and gets an estimated 38 mpg on the highway. Beyond that, this probably won't be your idea of a wonderful purchase unless at some point in your past you have chained yourself to trees in environmental protest while wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and chomping on a granola bar. Next, next, next...

4. Ford Fiesta S

A very, very pleasant surprise for a car that has a starting MSRP of $14,000. The Ford Fiesta S offers better than average amenities for the price including air conditioning, a nice radio system and a gas saving 4 cylinder engine that puts out 120 horsepower. A sleek and good looking car this hold the road well and is a fun ride for the money.

5. Kia Rio LX

This is a classy looking car that is stylish and fun, offering some nice features for a low price. This car starts at $14,350 and has standard air conditioning and a good quality CD/stereo, good ride and sound engine. Another good buy on the list that is geared towards adults with flair.

It's important to keep in mind that these are the top 5 least expensive cars that can legally be driven on U.S. highways - there are cars available in other countries that are much cheaper.


Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2013


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