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The Advantages Of Buying A Used Car

Updated on January 11, 2019
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Quick PMS Autos is a quality pre-owned car dealership located in Wetton, Cape Town

The possibility of purchasing a hot hatch at a fraction of the cost
The possibility of purchasing a hot hatch at a fraction of the cost | Source

Why you should buy a used car

Firstly, buying a used car will be significantly cheaper as the previous owner has adsorbed a substantial percentage of the depreciation cycle of the car. Many consumers complain about how quickly a new car depreciates as soon as they drive it a lot. You may also be able to sell your car again for nearly the same amount you paid for it in the next few years. Furthermore, no taxes are payable for the purchase and the reduced price results in lower finance costs and lower insurance premiums. If you are in your early twenties and paying high insurance rates because of the risk rating, there may be significant savings.

Many new cars have hidden or outrageous fees such as shipping charges, destination fees and "dealer preparation". Dealerships may offer expensive and unnecessary add-ons when buying a new car while you may install you own customization with a used car though. When buying a used car, it is easier to save up and pay cash. You can also review the consumer reports and choose a model that has been performing well. On average, used cars are close to 50% lower than new cars. You will be able to pay off a used car much faster, saving you financing fees.

Although used cars have the option of creating a new warranty the balance of the motor plan can be transferred with the car. An extended manufacturing warranty can provide factory trained technicians to prepare your car with quality parts and a speedy service.

There is a wider variety of models available compared to those displayed at a new car dealership. We all have unique tastes and there is a good chance that what you want is not made anymore. Sales personnel tend to have a larger knowledge base and experience in the motor industry as well compared to a dealership that only specializes in one brand. This would result in a far more interesting customer experience on the sales floor.

Depending on where you live older cars are often cheaper to register.

When in an accident with your new car, the insurance will pay for what the car is worth at the time though, leaving a gap between the purchase price and what the vehicle is worth and then gap insurance becomes necessary. Gap insurance will cover the difference between what you paid for a new vehicle and what its depreciated value is, but it will raise your total insurance premium. gap insurance is not necessary with a new car as the the depreciation has already occurred.

Here is another unexpected benefit - almost a quarter of the carbon dioxide a vehicle produces during its life-cycle occurs during the manufacturing and initial shipment. Buying a used car reduces the carbon dioxide output in the environment. Used cars also has less impact on the environment compared to hybrid vehicles. They use lithium-ion, lead acid or nickel metal hybrid batteries that have a much more larger environmental impact than a used car due to the toxic waste left behind by batteries and acid.

Another benefit of the used car market is the unyielding potential of aftermarket communities. While the new car market is constantly handling recalls and other setbacks, the common problems surrounding used models have already been mastered.

Used car dealerships usually provide a more personalized service and will often give you a fairer deal on your vehicle in terms of trade-in value.If you are not pre-approved to finance a vehicle they tend to only work with on or two institutions , which means that revenue is not tied to the financial institution that secures the loan. They do not have any allegiance to the financial institutions as their main objective is to sell the vehicle. This would also result in repeat business as their approach is based on respect and integrity.

Finally, buying a car from a used car dealer can be a less intimidating, less frustrating and often more rewarding for both the consumer and the auto dealer as both seek value from the initial contact.

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