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The difficulties will encounter when you Blog

Updated on March 29, 2016

It was suggested that blogging is fairly simple task and highly patterned hard just learn to follow the instructions that are available, if the truth is so, then why there are countless bloggers but again only a few names are known to everyone. That stems from the reason that only those who learn the depth of field can blog are aware, the work does not blogging as simple as the way people record confided in his diary it is work that requires flexibility, technical requirements to achieve certain levels and to create an attractive, precisely because of the demands that the Blogger faced many difficulties on the path of development blog but you should remember one thing that the difficulties we are born to overcome. So let's keep that go.

Overcoming difficulties Blog

Is an experienced Blogger blogging almost 5 years Ninh Don could not avoid the difficult and many times put themselves in position forced to choose either to cope with difficulties to continue or end enthusiasts blogging job, the situation repeated itself when each blog development to a new level, thereby helping yourself learn how to overcome difficulties, difficulties turn into motivation to write, the power to split Share more.

Rib content
1 Lack of story ideas
2 No longer found the excitement
3 Lack of time
4 Hacked
5 Taking the wrong orientation
6 There are very few hits and articles no comment
7 No money
Lack of story ideas
There is an obvious common feature in any novice blogger that's what they want to write a lot of things, they can hug the computer all day to write other articles from this past unaware bored without all reviews but a great public resources will eventually be depleted if you dig it an unreasonably without under nourished.

The idea of ​​your blog and will also like other natural resources are endless never even someday it will be exhausted sooner or later a certain blogger facing questions should write what next? and the only way to find an answer you can move on the path of development Blog.

Ideas Blog

But do not be too worried about this issue because even the well-known Blogger to face this situation every day, you may be one of them rather than the exception so let's just sit back calmly to develop a plan to write articles, arranged in order of entries that you find so easy to think you will find a lot of interesting new ideas that previously had accidentally forgotten, besides visiting a Blog rivals few pages you will be happy you have a lot of interesting ideas flashed in my head.

See also: 12 methods to help you stay rich story ideas

"The idea always comes when we really knowledgeable about the field itself is pursuing" make sure you always keep this in mind, it's like a key, a user guideline outlines think you know what to do next, all the searching analysis to understand every corner of the field you choose to blog will never be in vain even by just 1 small in relation to the topic well enough to your blog wrote an article long to talk about it, you totally do this when reached proficiency in understanding the issues.

No longer found the excitement
Anyone something new also has a strange charm, first time embarked on a blog, too, you like to own a great source of strength, you take all the best, most gifted skills , maximum effort ... to create and nurture his brainchild. As time goes by your brainchild larger gradually it not only requires effort on your emotions, but also need perseverance, responsibility, creative thinking that makes you stressed, what do you continue to nurture the brainchild now is not like the early voluntary which is responsible, you feel it is a burden that makes you feel not interested. Can be financially?

Find inspiration - when Excitement Blog

The last time you had an eye on rather, you find it does not stop sharing ceaseless giving more value, but what you see is superficial only, in a corner in the depths his soul many times feel depressed, myself lost confidence and at times did not seem to find a little excitement to continue development work blog.

One day I realized no no interest to continue blogging her again, his thoughts and decisions secret department folding machine to go out and play to find his life in reality, I wander not intentionally of his then suddenly remembers well on a beautiful day like this my decision because my blog was fascinated by this work, his passion for it.

That thought made me see myself inferior, if had known today, why did he choose to start, and then I realized there at sea at times noisy, too quiet man also at fun Last energetically downcast downs should not always humans can also nourish the brainchild of excitement. So its totally not feel pressure when no longer interested in blogging, each time so let's shelve task to step out there with nature scenes with birds singing and learn to accept everything as a rule by the birds have bird sings leaves have green leaves had started and then certain difficulties.

When you feel no interest, do not rush to make a decision the end, any decision made in haste will make you regret it for themselves so let the time to rehab back, calm mood will help you recognize and correct issues with thorough solutions, make every possible effort to maintain consistency and ruggedness.

Lack of time
Blog is a job but it is not enough to ensure this is the work chosen bloggers bring the most revenue for your blog is really passionate people built to passive income generated additional income besides the his main job so even professional bloggers also have a certain amount of time for blogging.

As you step into the path of developing a new blog you know that it takes more time than you think, you do not just need the time to write articles, but also need to answer a comment, email response from readers, up story ideas, build tactical development blog ... even you also sacrificed time to hang out, sleep less time but still not enough.

Myself have been a lot you enough passion, enough possibilities to develop the blog but gave it up because there is not enough time and myself is not the exception, her day is only about 2 hours to blog for the development if not a "panda".

I see a lot of you would like one day to have more than 24 hours, this is not possible, the time is always fair to everyone, not just now but until ever after a 24 hour day will only clock only, by rotating only one earth and metal ring just turned two lakes map to complete the orbit round the day and night. If so, why they succeed and you've become a loser when choosing how to finish, do not say to themselves that they are better than you, it's ridiculous when your brain is also composed by 2 million neurons god business like everyone else but not very good acceptance by their selves.

Give up the old habit by building yourself a timetable reasonable scientific and enlist outline draft article, only takes 3 minutes for you to do this but it saves you hours by article written before the frame will help you not caught that will be more active when content deployment.

Being attacked
You should never ignore subjective risk because even if what you share is quite right, of course, these good word also can not stay away from other people hate, in a country complex culture like Vietnam it is even more common, jealousy stems from very different reasons sometimes very absurd:

Since you talented than them.
As you get more people interested than they.
Since you are richer than they are.
Since they do not agree with your views.
Because they dislike you, but do not need any other reason.
Bla blo different reasons too absurd even more so I would like to emphasize that in order to avoid depression or to begin to rebuild from scratch then you go back up data on a regular basis to have the resources available back when attacked, besides using advanced security techniques of Wordpress to avoid the risk of attack is also a good solution.

But you can minimize the risk of being attacked by the way on the ones that I want to mention here is not a risk prevention tips attacks, even if they walled house you can still theft because nothing is absolute so let's build the spirit is attacked, though you will still live blog will grow, when you choose how to stop blogging because hacked ie you have recognized the survival of strenuous blogs you create are governed by a different hand.

Go wrong orientation
In road construction to grow your blog always must constantly create new value for your blog by developing this theme, but the work is very easy to make you make mistakes, there is a common mistake that any bloggers always encounter that sometimes go too far from the original purpose or set out in more detail is ignoring the core values ​​of the blog, be vigilant with this error by just commit it your blog lead to lose control direction.

There is one piece of advice for anyone planning to develop the blog is to be very careful before making innovations for your blog is about the content, just a step in the wrong you would be very hard to returning to the original path leading to losing the essence blog.

There is very little traffic and no comment article
There is little traffic that causes very frustrated Blogger blogging away, this sentiment is understandable because you write a blog for the purpose of sharing knowledge has painstakingly built up to as many people as possible but practical no access to so you are no different from interior monologue, encountered this situation try the following:

Rewriting the article received little attention in addition to the factors attracting readers.
Using social networking as a means to PR Blog.
Writing answered questions from readers.
There are fewer visitors got bored but without leaving the reader feedback, it s worse, to complete an article you've put into it how emotional feelings so that readers do not put it back feedback comment or a brief thank you, myself very clear on this by already and still a lot of bloggers encounter this problem.

Do you remember the reasons inspires you to create blog is? Is to share everything you know, to fulfilling their own creativity, to make money ... and not just to your readers read your comments so please do not just because of this reason that ignores the great purposes . Very great is the Blog Ninh London after 1 time developing these figures also proud and receive many comments from readers.

No money
When chose the path of becoming a professional blogger then surely everyone wants to acquire a certain number of such profits are costs to you better investment for your blog, the fact that very few blogs breakthrough progress without investment costs, and indeed the Blogger can not breathe air to live to write blogs.

Now you do not give up just investment cost of building a blog with income that you get from other work and think before blogs generate income you need time to nurture it, other than the usual sites blog can make money with a lot of different forms if appropriate to exploit it will bring maximum effect. Hence the need to 1 the plan and objectives for what is your blog? Give yourself a copy offline.

Have you encountered difficulties in these difficulties, try and never give up because only continue to continue to overcome the difficulties you to get to the destination, you have failed to get to the road of success that sometimes success too fast is not a good thing.


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