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About the Batmobile and Batmobile Sweden

Updated on July 26, 2013

About the Batmobile and Batmobile Sweden

The Batmobile

The Batmobile is the iconic automobile of Batman. It was first seen in action in Detective Comics #27 and it was a sedan, with no real name yet. As issues rolled on, the car began to show more prominent bat features like wing-shaped tailfins. It is always kept hidden in the Batcave, and in the years has become one bad ass street fighting vehicle heavily laden with armory and advanced technological weaponry.

Some of the vehicles gadgets include lasers, rockets, a computer, Bat-ray, Voice Control Batmobile Relay Unti, Batphone, and Mobile tracking scope among many other things. Through the years, the Batmobile has undergone many transformations. It is also depicted very differently in several Batman live action movies.

The Website

The Batmobile has become so well known that it has been replicated as real live cars. One of the most famous replicas comes from Leif Garvin. It took the man more than three years and a million dollars to convert his old Lincoln Continental into the legendary Bamobile. Now, he has built a website mainly showcasing updates to the makings of another replica of Bamobile for the upcoming ELMIA Motor Show. The project is called Phase II.

In the website’s current state, it welcomes you to a blog featuring posts of the Batmobile’s progress accompanied by YouTube videos. The YouTube videos are title by episodes and the latest one is entitled “Welding Begins.”

Phase II- This part of the site are updates about the current project and small tidbits like birthdays and budgets.

Episodes- This section of the website archives all the episodes of the team’s progress. It starts from newest video down to the previous ones. You can post your comments below every video.

The Dream- This is a single page briefly chronicling the events of the replica’s creation and short profiles of the entire team behind Batmobile Sweden.

Press- This section features press-released photos of the Bamobile in different angles. It also shows Leif Garvin, Robert Aften, and Bobbo Krull. It also includes their email contact information.

Sponsors- The final page where the team’s sponsors are shown.

The Man: Leif Garvin

Leif Garvin is a Swedish artist that builds Batmobile replicas and performs with his tribute band Fan Heller. He is known as an optimistic go getter who does not let anything stand between him and his dreams. All the hardwork and dedication he and his team put on the first Batmobile did not go in vain. He became so well known for his work that it resulted to the upcoming Batmobile Tour that Leif describes as “the journey of his life.”

The Batmobile will be taken to the United States and be showcased on several tours which will be featured in a television show! But his dreams do not stop there, now he and his team are building a new and better Batmobile for the upcoming ELMIA carshow. The Batmobile is now being built in Stockholm and the tour spans from New York to Los Angeles.

In his website, he leaves his visitors with a very inspiring message coming straight from the man himself:

“This is it, this is my life. You will notice pretty quick that I live in a world very different from most other people. I chase my dreams to fulfill them and now I stand before my life’s biggest journey. Soon dreams will be reality and reality will become dreams. If you keep believe in yourself, you will notise people around you will start beliving in you too and that is the key to success my friend. I belive in myself, and now I am about to become one of the most famous persons in the world!”

Below are the available contact information to get in touch with Leif and the entire team:


Project manager:

Fan mail:



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