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The first flying car in the world goes on sale

Updated on February 16, 2017

The concept of the PAL-V Liberty debuted in 2012 as then, the company aimed to prove that it can create a flying car that is suitable for both road and air.

Limited edition

The revolutionary vehicle cost at around 425,000 pounds - which is more expensive than 26 cars Ford Fiesta. In the cost of the flying car is included a flight training. A cheaper version of the flying vehicle model PAL-V Liberty Sport, will cost the potential buyers around 254,000 pounds.

Liberty vehicles now are "pioneer editions" and only 90 cars will be sold worldwide, 45 of them coming in Europe.

The car is designed for two people and will require a mandatory license management. The car itself will not have the option to take off and land everywhere. The conversion of the flying car from road mode to flight mode takes between five and ten minutes.

First deliveries of Liberty are expected to begin in late 2018

"PAL-V deliberately chose to develop, design and build a flying car with proven technologies and in full compliance with current regulations," announced the company to the media and expressed expectations that North America will be the largest market for them.


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