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The first SPHERICAL wheel in the world

Updated on May 3, 2016

Many people say that we are already living in the future and most of them believe that many of the things that have been developed in the last decade have outstripped the science fiction. The truth I'm not sure that this claim is right and I am sure that many of you are not.

Something that we have to accept is that the human are making a great effort to develop new technologies that make our life more easy and secure often, all these advances are making the assertion which we spoke of this increasingly closer.

For Goodyear, the future is now and overcome fiction is not only a phrase, they have actually made it.

In 2016, the company presented at the Geneva Motor Show a prototype of its most recent creation, the "Eagle 360" first fully spherical tyre. The tire has not only the futuristic design, also has smart features like sensors that communicate and impeccable handling wear, road conditions and climate as well as data from tyre, all this for our safety wear. Maneuverability, smooth and silent management will be borne by an innovative magnetic levitation technology.

Futuristic mentality is not limited to design and features, but applications, since the Eagle 360 is planned to be used in autonomous cars.

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The designers are aimed at wheels to play a role more leading taking advantage that drivers will no longer be the primary contact with the road since then autonomous trucks is expected to are in full swing.

Not doubt that we are witnessing a new technological revolution, now, after having read these innovations, are sure that we have not reached the future?


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