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The i-MiEV: Mitsubishi's Electric Egg Car

Updated on October 13, 2012

I am not sure what the engineers at Mitsubishi motors were thinking when they designed the all electric sub-compact car. First off, the name, i-MiEV, christ, are they kidding? I guess I could say the name, "yes, where is your Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle?", still, not sure what the "i" is all about unless they think having an "i-car" is cool like the iphone? Well, besides the name that few will recall, the car looks like an egg. Forget about the first two items, the third drawback is the cost at $29K, for a car with a wheelbase of 100 inches and length of 145 inches, making it barely 12 ft. long. The car weighs about 2500 lbs.

The owner manual advises owners to avoid using the air conditioning because your MPG will drop up to 8-12 miles. Funny people, they are. Still, they have some real comedic writers, like, them telling the owners to just coast when going down hills, stay under the speed limit, or recharging takes much longer if the temps are 32F or less. I guess that rules out those who live in cold winter climes.

There is more funny stuff. The car is sparse. No frills is the name of the game. Batteries are expensive and heavy. The car's electric motor creates a whopping 66 mph and 145 lbs. of torque, so consider it like a turtle in normal mode. However, what is truly funny is when you operate in economy mode. The car moves sooo slow, literally, joggers could be faster, let alone a bicycle. What was its intention? How can this be practical?

The car does have ample interior space despite its small size and cargo area up to 50 cu. feet, which is nice, assuming you will be able to carry weight at more than a snail's pace. The strong selling point is the 62 MPG, but even that is debatable because the EPA states the car has a whopping 126 MPG in the city and 99 on the open road.

I am not sure what kind of person would think this car would be a good thing. You hobble around town and never accelerate on highways, it is like a golf cart disguised as a legitimate car. I suppose if you only drove on flat ground in a climate that requires no air conditioning and loved to have cars beep at you to speed up, it would be the best deal. You would also have to be a driver with patience. You can floor the accelerator and swear nothing has changed. It does, but ever so slowly.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I have heard comments on these small cars that are concerning. People say that they are not very safe, the chasis is basically set on the engine and wheels. Not sure how much is true but it's interesting.