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The importance of Auto Brakes and their services

Updated on July 27, 2013

The importance of Auto Brakes and their services

Auto Brakes or vehicle brakes can be defined as a device which is used for slowing down a vehicle like car, truck and more, by transforming or converting the kinetic energy into heat. The most commonly used hydraulic system generally comprises of six major stages and those are brake pedal, vacuum servo or brake boost, master cylinder, proportionate valves and definitely, the must have road wheel brakes. Brakes can also be categorized under two major sections and those are friction brake and electromagnetic brake. These are manufactured under special guidance from expert professionals who have been associated with this field for quite some time now.

Little more information about friction and electromagnetic brakes:

Friction brake: This can be defined as a kind of Auto Brakes that stops or even slows down a vehicle by converting the kinetic energy into heat with the help of friction. Then, later, the heat energy is dissipated into the air. In maximum cases, the brakes work like road wheel hubs for some special vehicles but in other cases, brakes are also used as transmission or axles. Again, friction brakes are categorized under two sections and those are disc type or drum type.

* Disc type brake: The main use of disc brake is to slow down or stop the rotation of a wheel. A rotor or brake disc is generally made out of ceramic or cast iron and is connected with the axle or wheel. In order to stop the wheel, friction material starts forming in form of pads and is primarily forced hydraulically, electromagnetically, mechanically and also in pneumatic manner. As friction starts generating in the disc, therefore, the wheel finally stops from moving further.

* Drum brake: It can also be stated as a vehicle one where the friction is generally caused with the help of brake shoes available in sets. It helps in pressurizing the inner surface of the drum that is continuously rotating. As the drum is attached with the rotating wheel, therefore, finally the wheel stops.

Electromagnetic brakes: These are another form of Auto Brakes which slow down the object with the help of electromagnetic induction. This helps to create resistance and also either electricity or heat. Friction brakes are the result of such heat emission that applies pressure on the two objects which are separated and finally helps in slowing down the vehicle in an appropriate manner.


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