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Global Warming 9--The Ethanol Illusion, by Michael McElroy, Harvard Professor of Environmental Studies

Updated on November 2, 2006

Ethanol Illusion

Harvard enviornmental scientist Michael McElroy weighs in on ethanol in the the Nov-Dec Harvard Magazine. As the title implies he is skeptical about the advisability of subsidizing ethanol.

Comment: Ethanol subsidies are political payoffs to corporate corn farmers like Archer-Daniels Midland. Ethanol won't significantly reduce our dependence on imported oil, and it won't make a big dent in greenhouse gas emissions. Effective legislation requiring easy improvements in motor vehicle fule economy, using already existing technology, would achieve much more toward reducing greenhouse gases and dependence on oil imports than subsidizing the production of ethanol. A 30 percent improvement in vehicle fuel economy would be easy to accomplish if our leaders in Washington made up their mind to do it.

Cadillac Escalade


Chrysler 300 Hemi "Al Capone Special"


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Finally, we agree on something! Thanks for your comment.

    • braudboy profile image

      braudboy 7 years ago from Long Beach, MS

      Of course, ethanol is not the answer. You should know that ethanol was just a get-rich quick scheme by AL GORE and others who are manipulating this global-warming hoax to enrich their personal treasury. It is people, like you, who make this possible.