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There has only been one generation of Cars

Updated on February 19, 2015

Saying that cars haven't changed too much is quite a bold statement I know. Yet throughout all the small incremental changes that have occurred literally in the last decade along I don't see the future any longer. Yes we as a species, mostly the Swiss and Germans can pump masterpieces of engineering feats that save lives, like super complex safety feature, 10 thousand dollar seats that make it possible for a 14 hour straight journey. Americans that push the limit of how affordable and practical can also mean fast and luxurious. Japanese and Korean that push the limits of reliability and cleverness. British and Italian by defining beauty and exceptional ism.

Yet at the same time, maybe because I got my license revoked I can not help the sense that through all this innovation the glory and love for cars I had as a child has pretty much vanished. Back when a miata was rare and something you loved just for the sake that it was sporty or a punk era teen blasting music with the windows open or a jeep with dirt all over it.

And I can trace it back (for me at least) to the BMW x5 and the soon following Porsche Cayenne. Where and when companies lost a little of their luster to sell more. I mean I was a pre teen all I knew was that first 4x4 chrome badge on a boxy Jeep cheroke and my mother basically telling me that it meant it could go off road.

And now I see where the truth lies, it lies in the people under the same umbrella idea that we build automobiles not individual cars trucks and minivans meant for a single purpose yet they still do. This is very complex even as I say it to myself. Yet here is the point because companies are trying to go after so much they are going after nothing, their designed blatantly disregard themselves.


They have to and of course we have to. The most expensive exotics HAVE TO from the P1 to the 918 to La Ferrari to Koenessig. They Don't need to have two seats they dont need to have street tires, those are just two distinctions and yet at the same time its all about the money and it goes down to the little fiats smarts and affordable cars that have to make so many compromises most importantly safety to fit the requirements of the consumers budget.

Since when was engineering and/or designing only out for the money, a pound of aluminum should be the same price if you get it from a can or your broken laptop. What I am trying to say is that it shouldn't cost so much to build good cars and yet it does. We do not need precious metals to build better engines what we need is automakers to step up to the plate and say listen this next generation S class is the epitome of Technology that we think the entire world deserves but were not going to sell it to you because the last one still works fine and waste is not what were about when we have a car that will last a few decades well let you know.

I mean seriously I think Cuba lasted quite a long time fixing up their old cars after the embargo


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