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Things To Consider When Donating Your Car

Updated on February 25, 2013

So, you're considering a car donation? Here's some things to bear in mind when donating your car.

Car donation is ever-growing, particularly in the USA. With the price of scrapping a car falling to record lows, some charitable folk are preferring to give their old, unwanted car away for free, and let any money that it makes be sent to good causes.

There are various charities that take car donations, so be sure to look around for one that matches your ideals and morals. If you want to help injured war veterans then look for a donation that way, and the same goes for helping starving children in Africa or people affected by natural disasters. Be honest with yourself, and choose a charity you'd really like to help - it's your car, and you'll feel great knowing that any money made will go to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Always do your research. Unfortunately, just like any industry or money making opportunity, scammers are plentiful. They may take your donated car and simply sell it for scrap metal themselves, or in the worse case, sell it on as 'working' to an unsuspecting victim. Doing your research and being 100% certain that your car donation goes to the right place will save a lot of trouble.

Ensure your car is worth at least something. If it has one tire and no doors, it won't be worth your chose charity's time to pick it up and sell it on, especially if it doesn't even make $10. If you don't need the car or money from the sale of it, and it's in decent condition, a charity could always do with the help, and you can rest assured that you've done a great deed.

Lastly, be sure to donate your car to a fairly local charity. Charities are everywhere - as people all over the world need help - so it makes sense to save time and money by giving it to a local good cause. They'll be eternally grateful.

Bear these things in mind when you donate your used or unwanted car, and everyone will get the maximum benefit possible. Remember - you're doing an honorable and needed deed by helping those in need, as used car donation can be used in a number of ways - if it's working, it may be either used by those in desperate want of a car, such as the elderly or poor, and if it's not in working condition but the exterior is in decent enough condition, it may be sold for scrap and the proceeds given to the charity of your choice.

At the end of the day, giving your unwanted car to a charity or to somebody who really needs it is better than just having it sit on your driveway or sidewalk unused or unloved. Cars are very affordable nowadays, and many people upgrade their vehicle every year or so. While this is understandable, if you have one and you don't need the money, or you simply want to help out, definitely consider donating your old car to help others.


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