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Things to consider before buying or purchasing a motorcycle or motorbike

Updated on November 15, 2012

There are a lot of reasons why one would buy a motorcycle including comfort, convenience and saving money. For people who work or study, using a motorcycle is better than riding on a public utility vehicle. But of course riding on a motorcycle is not advisable for the fainthearted and those who lacks sensitivity of a defensive driver.

My friend who blazed and tamed the roads for so more than ten years already and can easily notch the 100 km/hr speed in few seconds once said to me that when you are driving a motorcycle you must be prepared to die. Although this can be a bit frightening doing this will actually make you mentally, psychology and physically to drive well with cautious and tons of courage.

If you really intend to drive see to it that you will not drink while you drive and you wear a helmet at all times.


Here are some useful tips and pointers to those who are planning to buy and own a motorcycle:

  • Do you really need a motorcycle? See to it that you are really in need of motorcycle, if it’s not then it is not a good idea to buy one. Some people have the tendency to buy things that they don’t really need. Unused motorcycle will end up as a junk in the coming days after your craving had fizzled out.
  • If you are not a good driver, then a motorcycle is not for you. If you really needed one then you need to undergo first an extensive driving lesson and learn well the traffic rules.
  • Know first the type of motorcycle that is fir for you. Keep in mind that motorcycles differ from one another and each has its own characteristics and strengths.
  • If the motorcycle is for business, you may have a motorcycle with a basket on its rear, not the sporty-looking type.
  • You may also need to know the wheels and brakes you need for your motorcycle especially on busy streets. Keep in mind that when the road is wet it is also slippery.
  • Know what brand of motorcycle is better. You may have a motorcycle that is popular among your friends or the one which is just recently rolled out in the market. Purchase only a reliable brand that already established its credibility on your country.
  • Ask the dealer if they sell spare parts, so that maintenance will not be a big problem in the coming days. Established motorcycle companies offers wide-range of services.
  • Consider the credibility of the dealer, for there are some that will readily take your money and give you a lot of problems in the coming days.
  • If you are too small for the motorcycle, then do not buy it and take your time to look for another one that will suit you well. The right motorcycle is the one which you touch the ground on both of your feet when it is standing straight.
  • Also consider the speed of the motorcycle. High-performance bikes are appropriate for those who are familiar with the terrain of different places.
  • Consider the price. Is it cash or mortgage? The price of the motorcycle depends on its brand or financing scheme you will opt for. Before giving it a go, consider this question: Do I need to break the bank for this type of motorcycle? If you say yes without hesitation, then the bike is for you.
  • And last but definitely not the least, if you don’t have a garage, say adios to your dream of owning a motorcycle.

Here you have it folks I hope this hub is useful in a way. Thanks a lot for the visit!

My 24th hub in the hubChallenge!


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