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Thrust SSC - 1000 kmph Car

Updated on August 23, 2013

When a question is posed about the fastest car in the world, the answer invariably will be the Bugatti or the Hennessey or even the Koenigsegg. Considering only the conventional and commercial aspect, the answer would be correct. But which is the fastest car, across the board?

The answer is Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car), a non-conventional, jet powered car which can race with Sound and actually end up on the winning side. When we compare with our known champions, the Bugattis and Hennesseys, it is an one sided affair. Our champions even at a maxed out state would be nothing but rickshaws on square wheels. So, let’s look at the car.

The Thrust SSC doing its Speed Run

Thrust Super Sonic Car (SSC)

The Thrust SSC is a rocket car which broke the Sound barrier in 1997. Such was the power behind the wheels that it was driven not by a driver but a pilot. Squadron Leader Andy Green, the driver, was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot. Here are the other interesting details:

  • Top Speed: 763 mph (1228.43 km/hr)
  • Engine: After burning. Rolls - Royce turbo fan engine
  • Car dimensions: Length – 54 ft (approx); Breadth – 12 ft.
  • Thrust (Power): 223 kN
  • Fuel Consumption: 55 litres for every km, at the top speed
  • Acceleration: Very Fast
  • Price : It comes free with any Desert you purchase

Thrust SSC breaking the Sound Barrier

The Thrust SSC was a British car, built by Richard Noble, Glynne Bowsher, Ron Ayers and Jeremy Bliss. It became the first car to break the sound barrier, although there was one other rocket car – the Budweiser Rocket – before it, which had claimed to have had achieved the feat. The claim though was unsubstantiated and therefore the Thrust SSC remains the first to break the sound barrier and fastest car, even today!


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    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 2 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Mr. Khan,

      Thanks for the insight. In fact, I can't wait to see the Bloodhound perform. There are many concept pics on the net and I even thought of carrying an article covering the car; however, most of the information is only expected and not achieved. So, I thought I'll give it some time. :)

    • profile image

      mr khan 2 years ago

      savio, the car the noble team is working on is called the bloodhound ssc. it's said it'll smash any hope for something faster to come up. The noble team even says it can race a bullet and win. i hope it's true. it will push mankind to new limits and make buggatis and hennesys look like a slug racing a cheetah. send the buggatis and hennesys news to 'em cause this bad boy 'ill

      knock their pants off !!!

    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 3 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Hi Steve,

      That is correct. In fact, the same Noble team is now working on the next concept which can do 1000 mph. That would be something interesting to watch out for.

    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 3 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Mr khan

      Glad you enjoyed

    • profile image

      steve martain 3 years ago

      this site is telling the truth. the thrust ssc is about 4 times faster than a henessy venom gt and is indeed faster than the hennesy

    • profile image

      mr khan 3 years ago

      hahahaha. rickshaws with square wheels