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Tips for Driving in Fog

Updated on February 20, 2014

What is Fog?

Have you ever wondered what Fog is? Fog can result in difficulty of driving and seeing. Fog is a thick cloud of Water Droplets that are at or near the earth's surface. Also known as a Ground Cloud. Fog is caused by the air cooling and there are different types of fogs. Here is a short list of the different forms of fog. Normally cooler months is when to expect fog conditions. Summer months provide warm air that doesn't produce fog.

  • Mixing Fog - Warm Moist Air from lakes and rivers that mix with cool air in the sky.
  • Radiation Fog- Surface temperature cools to the dew point. Long nights like in October is when a lot of radiation fog occurs.


Should You be Driving In Fog?

Fog, Fog Go away come again some other day! Most of us who get stuck driving in fog don't plan on it that way. How many of us actually check the weather forecast each time we drive? This article is to give all of you drivers out there some tips on driving in the fog.If your planning a road trip, check the weather forecast to see if you will drive into fog weather.

#1 Tip: Don't Drive in the Fog if you can help it. Driving in the fog can be extremely dangerous and avoidance should be number one tip.

If you do find your self driving and the weather suddenly changes to fog, then follow the below tips to help you be a safe driver.

Tips for Driving in Fog!

  • Have Fog lights if possible when planning to drive in the foggy conditions. I personally have never used fog lights. However, Fog lights were made just for that: To help you drive in the foggy weather.
  • If you don't have fog lights on your car or vehicle, try not to use your bright settings on your headlights. I have noticed that this makes the visibility worse. Keep your headlights down low. NO high beams in the fog.
  • Drive Slow in Foggy Weather. Fog can become very stressful and you may want to just step on the gas and get past it. Going slower will reduce your chances of getting in an accident. You will not see that car in front of you until the last minute. Reduce your speed even if it means you will be driving longer.
  • Reduce or rid distractions in the car or vehicle! Having your music blaring will only distract you and mess up your driving. Plus, if your like me... music speeds things up including driving. You don't want to be distracted head bopping and singing then drive off the edge because you can no longer see the road. Rid any other distractions you may have while driving. This means cell phones, beepers or ask your co-pilot to be quiet so you can concentrate. Better Safe then sorry.
  • Try not to get too anxious or stressed out! Stressing over the weather conditions will only make you more tense and anxious. Being aware and cautious is good but overly stressing may make situation worse. This tip can be used towards driving in the snow as well. Stay Calm and Focused when driving in the fog.
  • Follow Behind another Vehicle. If the visibility on the road is really bad and you don't plan on not driving, try to stay behind another car or truck on your same route. Don't follow them too close or DO NOT Follow them off a cliff, just keep your distance behind them. Their vehicle tail lights will help you see the road more clearly.
  • Pull over to a motel or rest area and wait till fog clears up. If you can't handle driving any more in the fog, then take a break till it clears up. May be time consuming but at least later you will be alive to share your foggy road trip story.

Driving in Foggy Weather


Fog Related Accidents

Annually, reports that there are over 38,000 crashes due to Foggy Weather. Also reported that there are around 600 deaths annually due to driving in the fog accidents and 15,600 injuries.

For more information on these statistics view this page.


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