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Tips for a safe driving

Updated on May 29, 2016

Thanks to bigger investments on roads, ads and public propaganda of driving safety, people are driving safer with full awareness of any latest transportation information. Although the number of fatal car accidents is decreasing noticeably in the US, that figure nationwide is still staggering. According to the research, automobile vehicle are the main reason for the majority of death in this country. Here are some simple but useful tips for a safer drive.

  1. 1. Do not drive drunk

Alcohol is one of the top reasons for the automobile accidents, not only in the US but also in other developing countries like Vietnam. In 2008, according to the statistics of NHTSA, there were 11,773 deaths attributed to alcohol in the US. Many innocent people were the victims of the impaired awareness of the drivers. Alcohol affects the mental system directly. If the driver just drinks little alcohol like beer, intoxication will become weaker, leading to reduction of inhibitions. The, the driver cannot stay at the most alert stage, and tend to take foolish actions with their wheels. At higher level, drivers will have blurred vision, fail to recognize the situation around, or even lose their consciousness.

Many countries are introducing more serious penalty on drivers drinking alcohol. In the US, if you reach the level of 0.08 or more, it is likely that you will be put in prison. Your life and happiness of your family members are putting behind your wheels, and it is not a rocket science to avoid driving drunk. You can ask your companion or your friend who are sober to drive. In case you are alone, you can take a cab instead of trying to drive home.

  1. 2. Notice your speed

You probably see the threat of driving fast which is abundant on mass media: “Speed kills”. There are a bunch of reasons for speeding, you would be late at work, or you are just ignoring safety because the road is empty and there is no cop. Some statistics from NHTSA reveal surprising facts about speeding. Speeding is not only one of the contributing factors to fatality, it causes an economic cost of $40.4 billion a year in the US. Right after alcohol, speeding is the reason for 32% of death in 2008. Speeding a bit can save you a few minutes but increase the possibility of death by 50%. In case you want to arrive on time, just leave earlier instead of driving faster.

  1. 3. Avoid distractions

Distractions are your phones, music, stress from work, troubles in relationship. Ban on using cell phone is introduced in many states in the US already; however, it seems hard for drivers to ignore the cell phone as driving. People may underestimate the threats posed by texting; this experiment can change your mind. One side is a young boy at the age of 20 driving talking on a phone, and one side is a man aged 70 driving safe and focus. The result shows that texting or talking on a phone while driving can decrease the reaction ability by nearly 20%. No matter what your age is, carefulness is the key for all ages. Stop fiddling up anything for entertainment, your eyes must be on road, and your hands should be on wheel.

  1. 4. Avoid drowsiness

Please pay attention to this stage of body symptom, because sometimes you are talking to yourself “Well, I’m fine, I almost reach it so keep moving on”. And you can fall asleep very fast whether or not you get ready for a sleep. According to Virginia Tech’s report, 20% of accidents have the root cause from sleepiness. The simple tip is taking a good sleep at night or just before the long drive. In case you cannot stand the sleepiness, just stop for a while, take some short nap or drink something to wake you up.


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