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Fathers: Tips on teaching their teen to drive

Updated on May 26, 2008

Tips on teaching the teen to drive

What is the saying, patience is a virtue. If you are contemplating teaching any of your children to drive, then ask yourself if you have patience to listen to them in a normal home environment. If your answer is no, then do not even consider teaching them to drive. They will drive you to drink or worse.

Teaching a sibling to drive would have to be the most stressful task on this planet. It will destroy the relationship you have with your child. I would suggest sending your child to a driving school at least for the first five or six lessons so they will have learned the basics.

How to start the motor, change gears and learn how to synchronize the clutch with the accelerator and brake all at the one time. Let them teach them how to negotiate the traffic correctly and what gear they should be in when coming to a corner.

They need to be aware of the changing speed and stop signs. Once they have learned that, then comes the hours and hours of practice, although you need to be aware of the smart remarks; you do not do it like that, or he said do this, etc.

If you think you have enough patience, then give it a go. Ask them to read the books on learning to drive, and answer any of their questions, then test them on what they have learned. They need to know the majority of the road rules before you attempt to negotiate the traffic.

Before you start

Show them how to adjust the mirrors and explain their use, sometimes you will have a blind spot on the driver's side, make sure their view is clear.

You will need to take things slow to start with. Sit in the car and show them how everything works before doing anything. Then take them for a short drive to explain the way you need to change gears while synchronizing the clutch and accelerator.

When you think, they understand, take them to a deserted Car park, and let them practice changing gears without the motor running. Before you start, remind them to buckle up. As they become confident, do it with the motor on. That is when the fun starts, the old kangaroo hopping, jerking, and stalling of the motor.

Make sure they can start the car, turn, and steer it correctly around a corner before attempting to go onto a quiet street. If they are doing well, tell them. If not, then encourage them to keep practicing until they are more confident. If you feel stressed, count to ten. Do not yell or raise your voice or you will lose that camaraderie you have achieved with your child. In addition, when you are driving, do not lose your temper with other drivers, as they will follow suit. You set the example of a responsible adult when driving.

More importantly, make sure the cars insured with them behind the wheel before starting. Never have other people in the car during the lessons.

If you keep calm, they will follow and become a confident driver like their Dad.

Good luck, you will probably need it.


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