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Tips for bike run in period

Updated on December 18, 2011

Recommended tips for you to be followed during your new bike's run in period

*Always read the bike owner's manual before starting to ride your bike

*Maintain a speed of below 50km/hr during the first 1000km or 1500km,which depends on different bike manuals.

*Avoid sudden raising of the throttle.

*Give some time for the engine oil to flow through the engine and so that the engine would get equal heat throughout,before starting your ride at morning.

Why its important for your bike??

The run in period marks the fate of your bike.It's how you maintain your bike during the run in period writes the bikes life for the rest of its life till end.So be careful of following the rules during the run in period.

Why its required??

Run in period is must for every vehicles as your engine and all its core parts are new and it would have run only a 4-5kms during the test drive of the engine and its still new.So the run in period sets and fits your engine for your daily perfect riding.

Another fact is that,how you ride in the run in period also affects the mileage of your bike throughout the entire bike's period.

Some additional tips for you..

*Never stress your engine during any time of your ride

*Don't ride at a constant speed.Vary your speeds quite often b/w 40 and 50km/hr.

*If possible avoid the hill/slope rides to maximum extent.

*Avoid heavy weight pillion rider as it may stress your engine as you need to give too much throttle for it.

*Shift gears within 3-4 rpm and never go beyond 4.5 rpm.

*Apply brakes evenly and if you sense a need of braking,reduce your ride speed before braking which also increases your bike's mileage.

Engine oil factors during run in period:

*The oil change duration during run in period is shorter than all other times,so make a regular check of your bike's oil.

*Use only semi-synthetic oil during the run in period,as it will lubricate the engine components easily

*Be careful with the periods of interval during oil change and confirm with your service professionals before doing an oil change.

*Oil change will also ensure removal of rusty particles along with the oil cleansing process.

Do you maintain your bike's speed below 50km/hr during your run in period

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    • profile image

      Sammy 3 years ago

      Sir, I want to buy a rough & tough 2-wheeler which is a best of all

      New Honda Activa 125cc

      Honda Activa 110cc

      Honda Aviator

      Suzuki Access 125cc

      Hero Maestro

      Or u sugesst me any other better 2-wheeler ?

      Pls Sir reply me A S A P

    • profile image

      karthik peerela 4 years ago

      hi arjun, i will buy the fazer, exactly i don't know how much mileage will give it, nd after 1st service how much mileage it gives

    • profile image

      Nasir Akhtar 4 years ago

      Hi Friend , Today i have purchased Passion Xpro bike after so many review read on the net, and select Hero bike compare to bajaj, please suggest me to how to ride my bike to give me a good milege and maintain quality

    • profile image

      Masthan 4 years ago

      Hi, Arjun,,,Best wishes.

      I purchased Hero Glamour 8 months back. I am aware of user manual, Air pressure in tyres, change of engine oil, air filter maintenance and on time servicing but still I am getting only 45 kmpl mileage. Is there any chance to increase the mileage. I heard that 55 kmpl is the minimum mileage for Glamour. Thank you.

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @jaggu Bullet 350 can give mileage of 40km/l easily..Just give it to service to an expert bullet mechanic available in ur area and he'll tune it for you..

      @akhi Thanks..46 is a gud mileage of dazzler..Just don't ride it harshly and do regular servicing and that's it..May be u can feel a 1-2km/l increase after that..!

    • profile image

      akhi 5 years ago

      hi.. arjun I am very much appricate ur work keep it up budy...i brought a new honda cb dazzler after 3rd servicing it gives milage up to 43-46... help me how can i manage my bike to get a good milage

    • profile image

      jaggu 5 years ago

      hey i hav a bullet 350 standard,cn u plz share sm tips regardng mileage concept

      !!!!wt shd be the appropriate mileage fr it?????

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      Hi sakthi,thanks for you compliments..Yeah these tips are common for any 4 stroke bike and you can follow these tips for getting decent mileage.

    • profile image

      Sakthi 5 years ago

      Hi!! Arjun

      Nice tips:) today i am going to buy a new avenger 220 can u tell me the run in period tips for this bike or the above tips common for all 4 stroke bikes.