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Tips for Saving Electricity

Updated on March 17, 2014

Tips for saving electricity

The title says it all. You may have already seen dozens of articles like these around the net, in newspapers, magazines, in television, or even in an energy saving convention somewhere in the world. The fact of the matter is this is a very important subject and the more exposure it has, the more the awareness of the people. So here are a few of my tips on simple ways to serve energy and do your part in helping the environment and the future of the world.

Bright Ideas to Save Electricity


What About You?

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Simple Ways to Save Electricity

Turn off all electrical appliances WHEN NOT IN USE. It is a no-brainer for this. A lot of people tend to leave electrical gadgets on especially the lights and TV. Although lights do not consume that much energy, the longer you leave it on, the higher the energy it consumes. Make it a habit to check and double check if you have turned off all switches before leaving a room.

When ironing, make sure to do a whole week’s worth of clothes. Do not iron every time you need new clothes. Electrical ironing is one of the appliances that consume most of the energy. By ironing once a week, you can save time and energy all together.

This next tip is contrary to the first one. It is not just enough that you turn off the device; you also have to plug it off. Even when the device is turned off in the main switch, it is still consuming electricity because it is on standby. Notice that red light in front of your television when it’s turned off? That means the TV is standby mode and it still eats up your electricity.

Try Solar Power


Natural Electricity

Use the power of the sun. Notice how much hotter it is nowadays? Use that for your advantage.

Tumbler dryers consume massive loads of energy, so as much as possible, hang your clothes outside into the bright sun. The drying may take a little bit longer, but it gets the job done. When you absolutely have to use your dryers, make sure the filters are clean and the appliance is in an environment with plenty of air circulation. This way, it can dry your laundry faster.

Also, instead of turning on overhead lights during the day, open the windows.

Savings Not To Miss

When in the kitchen, size of the pan you are using matters. When you are cooking something small, it is appropriate to use a small sized pan. The fire from the gas or electrical stove will heat up the pan it surrounds, so when the heated area has nothing to cook, the energy is wasted. Also do this when heating water, do not fill up a whole kettle when you are drinking tea or coffee alone. Make sure to fill it up with the water that you need.

For frequent cell phone users, it is good to charge your phone when it is empty of has low battery. Many people charge their phones right away even if it still has two bars. The main reason for this is that the user of the phone is afraid to lose power when he is expecting an important call or text. The best advice that can be given is a spare battery should always be ready for such circumstances.

Shut off your hot water heater- especially if you're not home all day! Turn it off when you leave in the morning like you switch off the lights, and put it on when you come home. It should only take a half hour to an hour to heat up your water so you can do your dishes and take your shower. Before you go to bed, shut it again and leave it off till morning. Put it on a half hour before you want to shower. By keeping your water heater off about 18 hours per day you'll be amazed at how much you can save.

There are many ways to save energy, some can be done right at home and some tasks are harder to achieve. Nevertheless, the little thongs we do can make a colossal difference. And if everyone does his or her part, it makes a huge impact for today and for the future of a planet. Go green dear reader.


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