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Tips for starting a project car.

Updated on January 14, 2014

There are many factors to consider before starting a project car. You don't want to buy a car, start your project, then decide later that it doesn't fit with what you want. Planning ahead of time will save you money and a headache down the road.

Picking what your project will be

The first step is deciding what your final goal will be. Do you want a race car that you can take to a drag or circuit track? Or maybe a show car to show off at your local car show? Perhaps you just want a street rod that you can show off on nice days? What your goals are will play a big part in what kind of car you should start out with.

Pick the car

Once you decide what your goal is, you can start looking for a car. If you want a drag car, look into what options are available for engine swaps, or how powerful you can make the stock engine. Make sure there is a body kit available that you like for your show car. Customizing is always an option, but doing that really starts to drive up the costs. Also, make sure the car fits what your goals are. A '71 Cuda is a great project car, but not the best choice if you want to circuit race.

Decide your budget

Make sure your final goals fit into your budget. It's not fun to get half way through a project, only to find out it will cost way more than you wanted to spend on it. Research parts you''ll need before hand, and always leave a little wiggle room. No matter how well you plan, there will always be something else that you need.

Project cars are a great hobby, and an amazing way to learn to work on cars. A little planning ahead will go a long ways to making sure your next project is a smooth one.


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  • Paolocruz profile image

    Paolo Cross 5 years ago from Philippines

    A brief summary that can be useful during preparation. :)