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Tips on Buying a Car Online

Updated on October 14, 2011

Step 1: Staying Away From Sites Asking Payment For Every Step You Make

There are many websites out there that are fun of asking payment on every step you make like they need payment when registering, payment for this and that, this probably would be a scam site. Keep in mind that you have all the aces as you are the buyer. You must know the websites rules when trying to buy services specifically an automobile.

As a buyer, you need to be equipped with a vast knowledge before going into the war. Get the point? a knowledge about the enemy will win the war. So you as a buyer must be vigilant to research if the website for buying cars is relevant and credible. Below are steps to check whether the Website for buying cars is a authentic or a scam.

  • Check the WHOIS Information vs the Contact Information - A reliable website must have all the contact details provided on their page. But be very careful as some of the websites that appears to be reliable are in fact not. Most scam sites always put their contact details such as "we reside in the United States" and so on putting rich countries as their base office will lead buyers to be tricked. A method to check them if they are really relevant is by their WHOIS information. If the information in the WHOIS doesn't match with that of the websites contact details, then it would be a red light signaling to stop doing business with that site.
  • Checking The Website's Age - This is also an option but not a certain detector. Check the owner's website. If the website is only weeks, or months old, then probably you may fall into a trap. Genuine websites who offer legitimate services are most likely to have their websites already registered for years. This isn't an approved method on checking but it might worth a try.
  • Learn Information From the Websites of Which The Website you are checking is Connected or Related to - Most people who wanted a secure transaction online tends to seek for opinions from forums or blog posts. This is not quiet helpful as they tend to ask for other people's opinion.Actually they don't have any idea or their opinions might not be very reliable. You can try checking the host provider, domain provider, and partners of the site you're dealing with. In that manner you can take a wider scope regarding the site's identity.
  • A Neighbor Tells You Who You Really Are - This is also a plus when checking for fraudulent sites. Check the site's IP address and compare them to to the sites which are also with the same IP address. If you find that IP not to be trusted (as there is a lot of spam coming from that IP) then throw that deal in the garbage can as the site is a trash.
  • Feedbacks and Reviews - The easiest way to determine the authenticity of a site is by reviews and feedbacks of other consumers. You might try spending some time reading feedbacks as they can help you not only through positive comments but also give you ideas of negative overviews.

Dealing with people through internet is never been safe. There are many factors that will affect online transactions. Problems might include website error, money transfer errors and delay emails. These are some of the few technical problems when dealing through internet. But the most dangerous part of internet business is scam and people are the culprit.

Taking miles ahead of the dealer will secure your online transaction. Just follow the steps above so that you're hard earned cash wont go wasted through some internet fraud. Be very wise.

Be very wise when buying a car online. There's a lot of cash involved when purchasing a car so be very wise.
Be very wise when buying a car online. There's a lot of cash involved when purchasing a car so be very wise. | Source

Step 2: Search For Private Sellers Online And Determine The Cause and Reasons Why They Wanted To Sell Their Car

This is the most important part when buying a car, search for private sellers. After you have found a private seller online. You must follow this steps in order to be safe when dealing with private sellers.

Reasons Why You Wanted To Sell The Car? - There are unlimited reasons why they wanted to sell their cars. Ive enumerated few of the reasons that will be an advantage to you.

  • The seller just bought a new car - This reason is fair putting yourself on the seller tells you that you don't need the old car, or it could be that the cash gained from the car will cover up a percent on your new car.
  • It is my Son or Daughter's Car (he or she moved to a new place) - You might hear reasons such as this. And I tell you, this is not quiet a good deal as the seller is not inclined or pressured to sell the car. In short, he doesn't need cash right ahead.
  • Eats Mouthful of Gas - This is reasonable as the seller is willing to let go of the gas expensive car.

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