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Tips on what to do before buying a new car

Updated on November 30, 2012

First of all, we can all agree on that buying a new car is always a big deal for the whole family. At first everybody should decide whether they want to buy a used car or a new one. The latter is more expensive, but those people who want a new car have an easier job to do, while they can get their new dream-vehicle directly from a new car dealer. Those who want to buy a used car have some research to do and they also have to be prepared that this process can be longer than expected before.

What to do before buying a car?
What to do before buying a car?

If you have decided to buy a used car you better search for your future vehicle on free classified sites that offer many cars for sale directly from the owner. On those sites you can find many detailed ads about cars for sale, all you have to do is choosing the perfect one for you. But before you make a deal keep in mind:

You should never send money to any owner before you have seen the car with your own eyes and made a complete vehicle inspection!

You better keep this ‘rule’ while there are many people who just want to scam unsuspicious enquirers by posting a fake ad and acquiring their money. No matter whether you buy your car from a used car dealer or from a private party – never send money.

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Used car dealers ask a little more than private parties
Used car dealers ask a little more than private parties

If you have seen many ads about used cars and have found your favorite, then you should start getting more info about the car. Never forget – the more you ask from the owner, the better you get to know your future car. And you should also keep in mind that an independent inspection is always necessary, because there can be certain inner damages that cannot be seen by a layman. Automobile safety is always very important!

Vehicle inspection in progress
Vehicle inspection in progress
Buying a car can take some time - but worth it!
Buying a car can take some time - but worth it!

Here is a list about important things you should not miss when you want to buy a car:

  • Look through many ads that offer cars for sale.
  • You should better choose ads with many pictures to get to know the condition of the car – then choose the most sympathetic for you.
  • Now call the owner and ask multiple questions about the vehicle (i.e. how many miles are on the car, why are they selling it, can you have a vehicle inspection independently, etc.).
  • If everything looks perfect you should make a trip and see the car with your own eyes and inspect it personally.
  • Finally, take the car to an independent professional to have a final, full check.
  • Make a deal and enjoy your new automobile!

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