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Top 8 Fast and Easy Motorcycle Mods

Updated on June 21, 2015

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Easy Motorcycle Mods

If you are looking to upgrade your stock motorcycle, then here are some fast and easy motorcycle mods that are affordable and simple to perform. These mods include some well-known ones and a few less commonly thought of. Use this article as a guide to get started. The links provided will also take you to websites where you can purchase some of these products for your bike mods, but always remember that these products can almost always be found on eBay and Amazon as well.

These easy mods are not the only changes you can make to your bike. However, they are good to start off with if you are beginner trying to get acquainted with your motorcycle and its mechanics because they mods are easy to install. Read on to learn more.

See a summary table at the end of the article for time required, price, and difficulty level of each motorcycle mod.

Example of some modifications done to a Ninja 250R
Example of some modifications done to a Ninja 250R | Source
Stock windscreen on a Ninja 250R
Stock windscreen on a Ninja 250R | Source

Windshield/Windscreen Mod

One easy mod that will take you less than 10 minutes to perform is switching out your stock windshield. You can get one that offers better air deflection, or just get one that is tinted or a different color completely. Depending on the motorcycle you have and the type of windshield you want it can cost anywhere from $60-$200.

If you prefer not to spend money on a windshield you can opt to change the color only by spray painting it or using Plasti Dip. If a cosmetic change is your final goal you can spray paint the top one color and use a different color on the underside.

See how easy it is to replace a windscreen on a CBR 600RR. In this video, motovlogger 6Foot4Honda changes out his stock windscreen for one in the Zero Gravity series.

Installing a Windscreen Tutorial

Frame sliders on a Yamaha R6
Frame sliders on a Yamaha R6 | Source

Frame Sliders

There are two types of frame sliders. “Cut” and “No-cut” frame sliders. Cut frame sliders require you to remove your lower fairings (the plastic covers on your motorcycle) and cut them to the dimensions so you can install the frame sliders. No-cut frame sliders do not require you to cut the lower fairings and depending on the motorcycle you have, the lower fairings might not even need to be taken off in order to perform the installation. Find out what is best for your motorcycle type.

The installation process can take you anywhere from 1 hour if you have no-cut fairings, or more than that if you need to be precise with cutting your fairings. Prices for frame sliders can vary from $50-$300 depending on the brand. RevZilla, for example, has a wide selection. You can follow the link to get an idea of the price differences and watch review videos on specific products:

CycleCruza, a motovlogger who is meticulous about his bikes, gives a detailed description of the installation of "No-cut" frame sliders on his CBR 600RR. below

Installing Frame Sliders on a Motorcycle

A typical kit includes LED strips, a relay, instructions, and some include a remote to operate the LED lights.
A typical kit includes LED strips, a relay, instructions, and some include a remote to operate the LED lights. | Source

LED Lights

Adding LED’s to your motorcycle instantly adds 20 horsepower!

No. But, it does look cool, and makes you more visible at night if you turn them on. Adding LED lights to your bike is one of the easiest cosmetic modifications you can do. A lot of stores sell a lot of colors in different size packages. Depending on how many lights you want expect to pay between $50 and $200 on an LED kit.

Additionally, a quick search on eBay or Amazon will also yield many products to choose from. Check out reviews, order a kit, wait for it to ship, then check out the video below by LEDGlow on how to install your kit.

Blue and Red LED Lights

A fairly easy installation, LED lights on motorcycles.
A fairly easy installation, LED lights on motorcycles. | Source

How to Install an LED Kit on a Motorcycle

Flushmount LED Turn Signals

Another easy mod for your motorcycle is changing your front turn signals. It is one of the best ways to give your bike a nice clean finish. Installing flushmount turn signals is as easy as connecting a few wires together and mounting the signals on the bike itself. It would take the average user about 30 minutes to complete. Often times you can get turn signals that are specifically designed for your motorcycle but manufacturers also make universal ones. Ranging in price from $10-$30 this mod for your bike is affordable and easy to do. In addition you can do two-mods-in-one by buying and installing aftermarket front mirrors with turn signals built into them. This makes your signaling more apparent to other drivers and riders looking at you from the front.

Flushmount vs. Stock

Flushmount versus stock turn signals on a motorcycle
Flushmount versus stock turn signals on a motorcycle | Source

The video below by TSTIndustries shows you a correct way to install the flushmount LED turn signals onto your motorcycle.

Flushmount Turn Signal Installation Guide

After-Market Seat

After-market seat – If your motorcycle seat feels like you’re sitting on asphalt and is uncomfortable on longer rides, you can get it replaced. Aftermarket motorcycle seats are readily available and are a good comfort mod to invest in.

If you are on a budget and still want comfort you can invest in a seat pad instead of replacing the entire seat. A seat pad will range anywhere from $50 for a super sport bike to over $600 if you have a wide touring bike. offers a wide selection but pads can also be found on Amazon and eBay.

A seat pad is a more affordable option to getting an entire seat replaced.
A seat pad is a more affordable option to getting an entire seat replaced. | Source

Fender Eliminator

The fender is the piece of plastic on the stock bike that holds the license plate out over the rear tire of the bike. The Fender Eliminator mod is one modification a lot of riders opt for and for good reason. Stock fenders are large, bulky, and make the motorcycle look less like an aerodynamic machine. The majority of motorcycles will have an aftermarket fender eliminator kit built specifically for the bike. Depending on your bike the installation could take anywhere from one hour to more than two so reserve a nice afternoon for this project. You can expect to pay between $10-$100 based on the quality and what bike you have.

Universal fender eliminator kits are also available but they require a little more work and are usually just a piece of metal (to mount the license plate). These are a viable option if a bike specific kit is not available for your bike.

Installation Guides for Fender Eliminator Mod

Any kit you order will come with installation instructions and there are many instructional videos out there that are specific for a kit you order so just do a quick internet search on how to install the kit.

Before and After Fender Eliminator

Ninja 250R with fender removed using a fender eliminator kit designed for the Ninja 250.
Ninja 250R with fender removed using a fender eliminator kit designed for the Ninja 250. | Source
Bar end mirrors on a Triumph Speed Triple
Bar end mirrors on a Triumph Speed Triple | Source

Bar End Mirrors Mod

Another easy mot to customize your motorcycle is bar end mirrors. If you do not find your stock mirrors to be of much help in traffic you can remove them (if it is legal to do so in your state) and replace them with bar end mirrors which go on the ends of your handlebars and give you a better look behind you. You can also add them in addition to your stock mirrors.

The installation will take just a few minutes and can cost anywhere from $15- $100. Bar end mirrors are, for the most part, a universal fitting part. RevZilla has a good selection of mirrors of all prices ranges, but many of the same brands can also be found on Amazon and eBay as well.

Bar End Mirror Installation Guide

Affordable Pro Grip 798 MX RVGS Gel Grips, under $20
Affordable Pro Grip 798 MX RVGS Gel Grips, under $20 | Source
Scott Diamond MX Grips, under $20
Scott Diamond MX Grips, under $20 | Source

Different Colored or Heated Grips

Different colored grips – Fast. Easy. Affordable. That’s about all there is to it for grips. This simple mod takes you a few minutes to do and can be a cosmetic mod as well as a comfort mod. You can find different grips from under $10 to about $300 for really fancy and heated grips. Most will be under $50 however If you live in a wintery climate and plan on riding over the winter you can even get heated grips. Motorcycle superstore has a wide selection including colored grips and heated grips.

RideApart does a great job at explaining how to install custom grips. See the step-by-step tutorial here.

Summary of Easy Motorcycle Mods

(click column header to sort results)
Price Range  
1 hour
Frame Sliders
1-3 hours
LED Lights
1 hour
Flushmount Turn Signals
Under 1 hour
Aftermarket Seat/Seat Pad
Under 1 hour
Fender Eliminator
1-2 hours
Bar End Mirrors
Under 1 hour
Super Easy
Motorcycle Grips
Under 1 hour
Super Easy


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  • Taxismoto Taxydriver profile image


    4 months ago from Paris

    Very informative post!

  • Londonlady profile imageAUTHOR

    Laura Writes 

    5 years ago

    Yeah, for sure, as soon as we finish one mod we're already thinking what the next one could be.

  • Tigrest profile image


    5 years ago

    Very informative post! I think every motorcycle owner thinks once in a while how to upgrade their bike, so there is always a demand for hot new ideas


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