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Top 10: Best Car Interiors for 2010 (25-35k)

Updated on February 21, 2011


No real new changes for this year's Top 10: Best Car Interiors, except some vehicles (Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Dodge Caliber, etc.) have entered the 15-25k bracket to compete. MSRP & invoice prices have been added this year for reference (current 02/10). All prices are USD. 11th place (did not qualify) has been included for 2010. Value relative to interior design & quality was an important factor in the rating system.

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#11 (Did Not Qualify) - Volvo S40 & V50

A nice interior, based on the same platform as the Volvo C30. The Volvo S40 & V50 are nice vehicles, but other cars outclass them in this class. V70 seems to hold up better in this category. Thin leather. Well put together interior--very similar to the C30. S40 & V50's interior does not hold water when compared to their price, though.

2010 MSRP (S40): $26,200 - $31,350

2010 Invoice (S40): $24,628 - $29,469

2010 MSRP (V50): $28,700 - $33,050

2010 Invoice (V50): $26,978 - $31,067

#10 - Ford Taurus

The ambiance is the Ford Taurus is striking, unlike any other Taurus we have ever seen. "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold comes to mind when thinking of the Taurus. Ford has done an excellent job lifting the standards of a large, non-luxury car. Although plastics are common, finer surfaces are available. The current interior design appeals to younger (or at least younger feeling) crowds with looser lines and relatively flamboyant expression of features. The SELL, Limited and SHO provide the most interesting features and ambiance, in respective order.

2010 MSRP: $25,170 - $37,170

2010 Invoice: $23,243 - $34,043

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#9 - Buick LaCrosse

The truly beautiful interior that shows great signs of improvement from GM's entry-level luxury brand, Buick. Leather on seats and siding felt plush and generous, all controls worked properly. No signs of squeaks or rattles. Plastic on dashboard felt thin for class. Flashy interior for entry-level luxury. OnStar is always a plus. These comments are for CXL & CXS. CX's cloth interior is inappropriate at this level, but a common appointment for Buick's entry level models.

2010 MSRP: $27,085 - $33,015

2010 Invoice: $25,866 - $31,529

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#8 - Lincoln MKZ

Leather felt thin in previous generation, but Bridge of Weir leather from Scotland ads a fancy touch to MKZ seating. Mid-size entry-level luxury vehicle with agreeable interior design. The MKZ gets the Best Improvement From Previous Face-Lift award for this year. Cheap knobs and plastic parts stand out though. Sharp lines give MKZ an interior edge. High build quality typical of Ford's Hermosillo, Mexico plant. Navigation being optional is a negative attribute, but without this option keeps the price a bargain. Takes bumps softly. Good sound quality from speakers. Good noise insulation. Competitive pricing keeps the MKZ a steal for 2010.

2010 MSRP: $34,115 - $36,005

2010 Invoice: $31,418 - $33,119

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#7 - Lexus HS

"The Luxury Prius" is on sale and provides the same quirky feeling as the prius plus a topping of select surfaces and features. Still has the same plastic-roaming feeling as the Prius, but to a lesser extent. Fun and interesting knobs & features provide an entertaining cabin. Somewhat bland compared to similarly priced Lexus vehicles. Easy to use navigation, excellent sound insulation. Wood surfaces are promising, although the dashboard padding is somewhat weak for this class.

2010 MSRP: $34,200 - $36,970

2010 Invoice: $31,122 - $33,642

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#6 - Audi A3

Similar design to last year, interior left largely unchanged. Interior is conservative yet is not a wallflower among car interiors. High quality interior with luxury appointments. A3's sporty physique does not take away from its luxurious character. The somewhat drab interior coloring and boring lines may keep the customer looking elsewhere.

2010 MSRP: $27,270 - $30,850

2010 Invoice: $25,361 - $28,690

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#5 - Audi A4

Another Audi that has seen little change compared to last year. Similar qualities to the A3, different, more striking lighting is used in this vehicle. Relative drabness keeps lackluster value high for a luxury vehicle such as the A4.

2010 MSRP: $31,450 - $47,300

2010 Invoice: $29,249 - $43,989

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#4 - Acura TSX

Although Honda has cut corners on the new era of TSX, luxury and mildly-sporty flavor still exists on the vehicle. Navigation is easy to use. All controls were found with east. Plush surfaces (although not as plush as they used to be) roam the cabin, and relatively expressive styling lift the TSX to the middle of the pack.

2010 MSRP: $29,310 - $37,950

2010 Invoice: $26,959 - $34,882

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#3 - Lexus IS

The IS returns with an interior face-lift and stands with a less-sporty (but more luxurious!) posture. Straighter lines and controls that are more visible is an improvement. Plush dashboard & door padding along with well-breathing leather seating keep this vehicle fresh in the comfort category. Takes bumps well. Build quality is improving, although door clanking and interior vibrations have been reported. Try before you buy.

2010 MSRP: $31,845 - $57,760

2010 Invoice: $28,659 - $51,982

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#2 - Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Thick, generous padding is no problem for this best-in-class vehicle. Cheap, plastic knobs are disappointing but nearly negated by a plentiful, chic interior. Full grain wood is a plus, along with flavorful interior color matching. A little on the pricey side for this class, but well worth it for the amenities and unique electronic features.  Only base model graded for this class.

2010 MSRP: $33,600 - $57,350

2010 Invoice: $31,248 - $53,336

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

#1 - Volvo V70

The Volvo V70 stands out as the most behaved interior in its class. Some may say the V70's interior is a little on the mild side, but that is a difference of opinion. Bright, fluid controls and features keep the V70 stunning, although I would call the V70's interior refining rather than stunning per se. Padding feels adequate and the leather is plush. Shades of techno-blue lighting and convincing wood trim give the V70 an edge (although its wood trim is not as convincing as Mercedes). Altogether the vehicle is well assembled, no interior noises complaints, and the interior is fun and well behaved. Although a tad pricey, it could be worth your dollar.

2010 MSRP: $33,550 - $38,000

2010 Invoice: $31,537 - $35,720

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Photo courtesy


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    • eurozulu profile image

      bradley brown 4 years ago from Harrow Middlesex

      I like the Audi trims A4, but never that keen on the steering wheel design.

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      Great projects, nowadays it's difficult t find a decent car upholstery. I have found recently a small company with great aspirations making unbelievable projects and now they are going into luxury vehicles. What is special about them is the fact that they offer things others would not be willing to do due to difficulties of making. Just take a look :

    • thefundu profile image

      thefundu 6 years ago from India

      I loved the interiors of Buick and I am surprised that they are at the bottom position. Even Taurus got updated this year and has magnificent interiors now...

    • profile image

      CiDz 7 years ago

      This review is ridiculous. I can't believe Audi interiors made this list twice. They might be high quality, but they lack ANY aesthetic appeal. (Even the reviewer rags on drabness both times!) What's impressive, however, is how good these interiors from American manufacturers are looking! I'm shocked, comparing them to Mercedes and Lexus, but my eyes are simply staying glued to the Buick, Ford and Lincoln interiors! My next car might actually be American!

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      The A4 should be much higher on the list. The VW CC also has an excellent cabin in this price range. The Taurus and MKZ don't belong on this list.

    • profile image

      KLeichester 7 years ago

      I like this hub. Interesting and informative.

    • segol yoda profile image

      segol yoda 7 years ago

      Agree. I vote for A4 !!! :)

    • jessicababel profile image

      jessicababel 7 years ago from Portland

      That A4 interior is fantastic. Audi has really been stepping things up lately.

    • profile image

      ronnie.leo11 7 years ago

      wowwww...what a interiors dear..? i wish i could have all these cars...but i like the interior of mrecedeez benz most..Thick, generous padding is no problem for this best-in-class vehicle. Full grain wood is a plus, along with flavorful interior color matching.although the vehicle is well assembled