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Top 10 Bucket Seats

Updated on May 21, 2012

Are you looking for the perfect set of bucket seats? Overwhelmed by the thousands of options available to you? Then here's a concise compilation of what I think are the best, and most affordable aftermarket racing bucket seats on the market. We'll be looking at seats made by the likes of Sparco, Corbeau, Bride, Cobra and more to help you make up your mind.

#10: Sparco Speed

Despite being a low-budget seat, the Sparco Speed bucket seat certainly doesn't skimp on quality. Not only does it feature the abrasion pads found on higher end bucket seats (to prevent wear in high-contact areas), but it also incorporates the memory foam technology which morphs to suit the driver's shape. Surprisingly this Sparco bucket seat is far from just a pretty face, although it is that too.

#9: Corbeau Forza

A similar entry level seat to the Sparco Speed, the Corbeau Forza bucket seat is practical for racing whilst looking visually stylish. Strategically placed rubber wear patches ensure that this seat has a long life to boot.

#8: Aero Designs Ares

This is a top-end chair with a bottom-end price. I know it doesn't carry a well known brand name, but if you look at the specs on these bucket seats then you might be convinced. Not only is this seat fully reclinable, unlike many starter seats, but it also has a reinforced backing - a feature usually only prevalent on far more pricey seats. This is a bucket seat for the driver (and not the poser) since visually these seats don't carry the same acclaim as something by Sparco or Bride.

#7: Corbeau CR1

These're the next step up from the Corbeau Forza seats, with added wear patches and improved visual flair. This seat's definitely a looker, whilst also possessing all the qualities of the Forza but with the additional reclining capability at the pull of a lever.

#6: Bride VIOS III

Looking for a set of feather light bucket seats? How does 12 pounds a piece sound! These seats feature all the comfort, style and safety of a racing seat, but with a third the weight. If you've stripped your car and are looking to save weight, these're your seats.

The Cobra Racer 7 was the world's first bucket seat to be constructed from Kevlar, a material similar to carbon fibre - as strong as metal but as light as plastic. The seat was designed around the smaller Lotus cars so this is a perfect seat for those with Mazda MX5s, RX7s & RX8s or similar small driver's bay cars. It's FIA approved for those wanting to race and features a fixed back and heavy wear patches. A real hardcore seat.

#4: Corbeau A4

A rather suave bucket seat indeed. This leather seat is as much luxurious as it is furious, if you catch my drift. It's reclinable and can endure a lot more heavy wearing due to the leather finish. This is one fancy seat and would suit your VIP style down to the ground with a lot of room for taking sharp corners.

#3: Sparco EVO

Having a fiberglass shell, the Sparco EVO bucket seat is strong enough to face any circuit racing but will just as well deal with drifting and drag. The shape of the bucket seat ensures that you're fully able to manouevre in a racing situation and at just 7.4KG this is the ideal track seat.

#2: Cobra Sebring Pro

The Cobra Sebring Pro bucket seat's most noticeable feature are the two head restraints which are capable of absorbing 85% of the shocks presented to the head. They also look pretty badass. With a similar Kevlar construction to the Racer 7 seat, the Sebring Pro is 30% lighter than other similar fiberglass bucket seats. Added leg support also ensures driver stability under rough conditions with the addition of a 6 point harness. A track fiend.

This thing is a feather. No joke. The Sparco Pro 2000 bucket seat is made of carbon fibre so weighs nothing, but is incredibally strong. With adjustable lumber supports this bucket seat's catered to be comfortable for you. And come on, it's absolutely gorgeous. My favourite seat on the market today hands down.

Don't Agree With My Top 10? Have Your Say

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      Johnf701 3 years ago

      Muchos Gracias for your blog post. ecacddfeekdk

    • profile image

      Matt 3 years ago

      Where's number 1?

    • profile image

      Car Tuning 6 years ago

      The Recaro Pole Position have always been my personal favourite of mine. Aesthetically they really look the part, stylish, slick, modern as well as comfortable....and most importantly of all safe.

      Like anything from Recaro you get a perfect blend of Sporting flair, safety and individuality, hence why I am a massive fan. What's your opining on the Recaro racing seats?

      Thanks for reading and keep up the good work