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Top 10 Driving Violations

Updated on October 15, 2014
Don't Text While Driving
Don't Text While Driving


Many accidents happen everyday, and they easily avoided if everyone could stop committing such violations as the ones we're about to see.

In this hub, i'll break down the top 10 violations that people commit while driving on a daily basis. What might look like a simple avoidable thing to you, it's a common violation for many people on the road.

To top it off, most of the daily accidents happen due to this violations, which are insanely easy to avoid if everyone was conscious and aware of their attitude.

The biggest and truest lesson that any driving instructor will give is,

Never trust other drivers.

Lets take a look at the most common driving violations, shall we?

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1 - Speeding

Well, the first violation is a no-brainer. Speeding is what causes most of the accidents, especially in areas where you shouldn't do it.

Many accidents happen because people speed in areas, where there's low traffic and they think they're safe to do so, and then on a close turn, a random car appears and bang. No time to react without suffering damage.

Road speed limits exist for a reason. Doesn't matter if you know the street well enough, or you think it's safe to do so. Accidents happen anytime, anywhere.

Speeding leads to reckless driving, which leads, ultimately, to accidents. It's better to arrive your destination safely and slowly, than not arriving at all. Keep that in mind.

2 - Texting

This violation increases every single day. People are so dependent on their phone, that they can't keep themselves from texting while driving.

A violation that was non existing just a few years ago is now one of the most common. "I'm stuck in traffic, might as well send a text." And bang, the car in front of you braked and you slammed into it while looking down. "The road is empty, time to send a text." Bang. The list goes on and it's never safe to text and drive. Many teenage accidents happen due to texting. Please, be aware.

3 - Running red lights or stop signs.

This can happen to anyone. It's one of the most common driving violations, but it's mainly due to being distracted or tired. This is why, we always need to be paying attention to the road and be rested when driving. Or it can happen because of a text as well!

It happens a lot as well when the light is yellow and we try to speed to get over it. Sometimes it turns into dangerous situations.

This is a matter of attention on the road, which can prevent a ton of accidents.

4 - Incorrectly use of lanes

This violation doesn't look like a big one but it is. Especially, when we're driving on the freeway and some show off is overrunning on the right lane, because he's so cool. Although we should always be aware of our surroundings while driving, it's hard to account for someone on our right.

No use of turn signals or constant lane changing often lead to unnecessary car accidents.

5 - Driving glued to other cars

This violation is so so annoying, when you have someone glued to the back of your car. It doesn't give room to do any maneuvers in dangerous situations.

If the car in front of you just braked out of the blue, due to some reason, the car that is glued on your behind will hit you. That simple. I don't know why so many people do this, but it shows a revolting lack of awareness.

This is why, we always need to pay attention to every side while driving. Because sometimes it's better to lose a turn, than trying to turn and the guy tailing you touching your trunk. I've missed a couple of turns due to that type of driving, sadly.

6 - Driving in the wrong direction

Well, can't say much about this one, except it happens. I guess sometimes people don't realize the sign and turn in the wrong direction...

When you realize it, just stay calm and turn around in the right direction, and there you go!

7 - Driving too slowly

On the contrary of speeding, driving slowly is also a big violation! Sometimes a slow driver is more dangerous than a speeding one.

Don't think that because you're driving slowly, you're doing it right or you're not at fault in an accident. Slowly driving can lead to accidents as well!

Also, slow driving aggravates other drivers since it's so irritating!

Don't Drink and Drive
Don't Drink and Drive

8 - Drunk driving

This is still one of the most committed violations, sadly. Despite the amount of awareness raised against it, there are still people that do it.

However, it doesn't happen as often as it used to. People are more conscious about it and usually have a backup plan if they intend to drink! It's good to see improvement on this area.

9 - Not stopping for pedestrians or school areas

This still happens a lot. Many drivers don't pay attention to pedestrians or school areas, which can lead to sad events. Especially, nowadays, since pedestrians feel like the driver is the one that gets punished, etc. However, it's their life that is at risk.

Double attention is needed in this areas. Bearing a burden like this for the rest of your life, i can't even imagine it. A little bit of awareness can easily avoid deadly situations.

Drive Carefully!
Drive Carefully!

10 - Reckless Driving

While any of these reasons count as reckless driving, this one deserves a spot on the list. Reckless driving involves anything that you're doing except for driving.

If you're driving, don't multitask. Be attentive and conscious. Don't pull stunts or be vindictive because someone cut you off.

Just focus on your driving!

Every violation is dangerous!

Driving is a serious thing. While i listed the most common violations, there as still hundreds of them that we all should be aware about.

This is specially true if you're starting out to drive. The sooner you're conscious about the dangers and violations of the road, the better off you will be.

Please, take care!

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