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Top 10 Tips to Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in 2015

Updated on February 11, 2015

With the cost of car insurance continually on the rise, its important to get the most out of your policy. It is also important to make sure you get the most out of your money too.

These Top 10 Tips to get the cheapest car insurance in 2015 are for all ages to take note. Even the saviest car insurance purchaser can always learn something new. This could be through the car insurance quotes you undertake or the way you compare auto insurance, read on and see if you can bag yourself a saving.

1. Add More Drivers!

One of the most straightforward ways to get the best car insurance quotes and save money is by adding an additional driver to your car insurance policy. This could be a family member or someone you know and trust. Many people can be skeptical about this but there is little reason to worry.

Firstly, you must ensure that if you do add an additional driver to your car insurance policy, you remain the main driver of the vehicle in question. Many insurance companies allow you to add up to 3 people to your policy. Many parents worry about being attached to their childs policy due to any accidents effecting the additional drivers policy. This is NOT true, providing you are not driving your childs car when the accident takes place. To summarise, any accident your child has in their car will not come back to effect you the parent in any way shape or form.

This can cut car insurance premiums in half if you a add the right people to your policy (e.g. grandparents with 20+ years no claims)

2. Do Not Pay Monthly!

Paying for your car insurance premium at a monthly rate can adds £100's to your bill. Make sure when choosing which policy to take out that the monthly fee does not add up to a vast overspend compared to an annual fee.

The difference between paying monthly and annually can be staggering so be sure to check before buying and if you can - pay for the insurance policy in one lump sum.

3. Beware Modified Cars!

If you own a car with aftermarket customisations, this could affect the cost of your premium. The insurance companies will have to weigh up your customisations against risk and repair costs. This may be reflected in the price of your auto insurance policy.

It may be tempting to try to get away with not informing your Insurance company of the changes but remember, if you have a crash and on inspection the car is not how it was describing when you first took out the policy - it will be void.

However there are changes you can make to your vehicle that can lower the cost your premium such as fitting and alarm or immobiliser.

4. Shop Around

If you like to use comparison sites - try them all! Many of the best deals may not be on the particular site you usually use so you could be missing out on a much better deal. Some auto insurance companies may be exclusive to certain comparison sites and many are not on comparison sites at all. Take time to shop around, it could save you vast amounts of £££.

5. What Party Are You In?

It is important to not instinctively choose third party fire & theft when obtaining an auto insurance quote. Insurers may conclude you are more of a risk to insure on the car as you don't care enough about it to get full insurance. Get a quote on all variations of car insurance and weigh up the prices against your needs.

6. Multi-car

If there is multiple cars in your household, it may be worth discussing with the owners about putting all of your vehicles insurance on a single policy. This can be a great way to cut a nice chunk off your premium with minimal effort. It is also worth noting that the more vehicles you add, the bigger savings you will receive.

7. Its a New Day

It is worth checking whilst your car insurance policy is still active whether it is set for auto renewal at the policy end date. If so, put a stop to that and shop around when your policy is up.

Even if you want to stick with the same company, auto-renewl isn't the best way. They are more likely to offer you a better price if you start from scratch with a new policy than auto-renew your existing one.

8. Cashback Please!

Many Comparison sites and other services offer cash back when you get an insurance quote and take out a policy. It may be worth considering when choosing where to buy your auto insurance and some will offer cash back and some won't. If there is multiple car insurance quotes at a similar price bracket with multiple companies, explore the cash back option to see if you could save up to £60.

9. I Work In...

On car insurance quotes you need to tell them about your job role and description. Simple as it may be, you can amount some huge savings just by using the right wording to describe your job. Experiment. Try different keywords associated with your role when selecting and see the difference it makes to your quote. Obviously you can't lie but there is many ways to describe the same job role.

10. My Car

This may sound odd but have you considered changing car or vehicle? Some brands of car are in a higher insurance group and with diligent research, you may be able to cut your premium in half, without too much compromise on looks and power. Its worth taking a look at a complete guide of insurance groups to see what cars can get you the best premium.

One car may be cheaper than another due to reliability statistics and running costs. Not only could this save you money on your car insurance premium, it could save you money on repairs and day to day running costs too!


There is many more ways to save money on your car insurance, these are just 10 great ways to save a bit of cash. Remember not to lie on your insurance policies and take your time when choosing the right policy. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment on your car insurance thoughts and experiences. Thanks!


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