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Top 200 Current Motorcycles: Best Or Worst? - BMW HP2 MegaMoto & Sport

Updated on May 31, 2009

BMW HP2 MegaMoto

Violet? Violet? On a motorcycle? How profoundly perverted do you have to be to think that Violet is a motorcycle color. If there has ever been any doubt that Beemer stylists have completely lost the plot, the BMW HP2 MegaMoto is living proof. this motorcycle has a color scheme that even Adam Lambert would be ashamed to wear! EEEEK!

In my Why Harleys Look Right & BMW Sedans Look Wrong Hub I stated the essence of what is wrong with the vast majority of styling that has issued from the Munich company in the past few years, and it most certainly applies to most of the brand's motorcycles as well!

"Every time I see a late model BMW sedan I have to hold down my gag reflexes. I can't believe that an august company such as Bavaria's finest Motorwerks could possibly have hired a chief stylist as moronic as Chris Bangle. His designs are so misshapen, disproportionate and random that they make a Beemer look like a cheap Chinese toy. That apparently doesn't stop millions of yuppies all over the world from lusting after one and putting themselves into debt to the tune of $50,000 or more to own one. Is that because they actually like the aborted greyhound fetus look or is it because there's a sucker born every minute?"

I don't know if Chris Bangle had any hand in the HP2 series. Maybe it was his teenage son. While on crack.

This bike is powered by a top-notch 1170 cc, oil/air cooled, 2 - cylinders boxer powerplant designed with a bore and stroke of 101 mm x 73 mm and a compression ratio of 12:1 which gives the bike a total of 113 horsepower (83.1 kW). When we factor in the overall weight of the bike equalling 394 pounds (179 Kg.), and factor that into the planet-spinning power available at the twist of the throttle we get a result of 3.48 pounds per horsepower, a figure that is not that far off from the power to weight ratio of a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

Verdict: Sorry. I just can't get past the Violet! Arrgh! WORST!

BMW HP2 Sport

I dunno... Is the BMW HP2 Sport's eye-poking blue any less offensive than its HP2 MegaMoto brother's I Wanna Puke And Die Violet? I have to begrudgingly agree. The overall styling and color scheme of the HP2 Sport is just about one quark width less repulsive than the HP2 MegaMoto, but that still doesn't mean that I'd be caught dead riding it.

This cycle is driven by a wonderous 1170 cc, oil/air cooled, 2 - cylinders boxer motor set up with a bore and stroke of 101 mm x 73 mm and a compression ratio of 12.5:1 which grants the model an astounding 133 horsepower (97.8 kW). When we look at the riderless weight of the bike tallying up to 392 pounds (178 Kg.), and factor it into the road-eating horsepower we get a final calculation of 2.94 pounds per horsepower, which is a number that is not too far detached from the power to weight ratio of a Tesla Roadster.

Verdict: Ridiculous amounts of power, a power to weight ratio that's in the stratosphere, and profoundly ugly looks. What a shame. WORST!

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