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Top 200 Current Motorcycles: Best Or Worst? - BMW K 1200 R & S

Updated on May 31, 2009

BMW K 1200 R

There are some things that simply baffle the imagination. How could exactly the same company that can design the K 1200 LT, the G 650 Xchallenge, and the G 650 Xcountry, all wonderful examples of some of the best motorcycle styling that is currently available in the dealerships of the world, come out with a glued together scrap pile abomination like the BMW K 1200 R? BMW designers must have more personalities than Sybil! I can't even begin to list the atrocious profound repugnance of this styling. If you look up Butt Ugly in the dictionary, you'll come up with a photo of the K 1200 R! The only single design aspect that is worth noting, and just because it's good for a laugh, is that front fork element that looks like a woman's leg with grey stockings about to try on a stiletto shoe!

This model is powered by a phenomenal 1157 cc, water cooled, 4 - cylinders in line motor engineered with a bore and stroke of 79 mm x 59 mm and a compression ratio of 13:1 which gives the model an alluring 163 horsepower (119.9 kW). When we work out the total dry weight of the bike being 464 pounds (211 Kg.), and factor the weight in to the divine horsepower on tap the result is 2.85 pounds per horsepower, a figure that approximates the power to weight ratio of a Koenigsegg CCXR Edition.

Verdict: This bike you ride with two bags over it. The second one is in case the first one breaks. WORST!

 BMW K 1200 R Sport

Alright, so I'm willing to admit that if Beemer was out to do a Yamaha FJ 1300 the Bavarians did it better than the Japanese. I'm not a fan of the modern FJ, but the BMW K 1200 R Sport holds together fairly well. Yes, I'd like the front of the fairing to not look as pulled forward and droopy and I could live without at least 75% of the little styling fillips, but overall, this bike barely edges out of WORST territory and into BEST.

This bike is driven by a awe-inspiring 1157 cc, water cooled, 4 - cylinders in line engine designed with a bore and stroke measuring 79 mm x 59 mm and a compression ratio of 13:1 which confers upon the motorcycle a gargantuan figure of 163 horsepower (119.9 kW). When we consider the overall dry weight of the motorcycle equalling 473 pounds (215 Kg.), and factor it into the fabulous power available to your throttle hand we get a sum of 2.9 pounds per horsepower, a figure that is not overly different from the power to weight ratio of a Lotus Elise SC.

Verdict: Possibly the most borderline motorcycle to get a BEST when it might deserve a WORST, but I'll give Beemer the benefit of the doubt here. BEST!

 BMW K 1200 S

I'm starting to wonder if the Bavarian stylists have some profound psychological problem that causes them to screw up most of their designs. The BMW K 1200 S is an excellent example as we have a fairly acceptable sportsbike from an aesthetic perspective whose appeal is totally destroyed by the paint scheme that makes the whole bike look like a bruise. That bluish going into purple absolutely has to go as it demolishes any allure the motorcycle might have had.

This motorcycle has a jaw-dropping 1157 cc, liquid cooled, 4 - cylinders in line powerplant set up with a bore and stroke of 79 mm x 59 mm and a compression ratio of 13:1 which gives the bike a fairly outrageous 167 horsepower (122.8 kW). When we calculate the total weight of the bike being 497 pounds (226 Kg.), and factor that into the jet fighter level horsepower the result is 2.98 pounds per horsepower, a number that is within the range of the power to weight ratio of a World Sportscar Championship car.

Verdict: This bike would have made a BEST if it wasn't for that bruise paint job. WORST!

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