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Top 200 Current Motorcycles: Best Or Worst? - Benelli TnT Sport Evo, Titanium & Tornado

Updated on May 31, 2009

Benelli TnT Sport Evo

Aw fer cryin' out loud! Benelli stylists just went out and grabbed a bunch of red worms from their fishing kit over fed them, and transplanted them onto a street fighter motorcycle that just feels inelegant and discomposed. Where essentially the same lines work well on the TnT Cafe Racer due to its genius black gold paint scheme, this black and red Benelli TnT Sport Evo monstrosity is just embarrassing.

This cycle is driven by a virile 1130 cc, liquid cooled, 3 - cylinders in line motor featuring a bore and stroke of 88 mm x 62 mm and a compression ratio of 11.5:1 which gives the model an euphoric 137 horsepower (100.8 kW). When we look at the overall curb weight of the bike being 438 pounds (199 Kg.), and factor it into the mighty horses available we get a final calculation of 3.2 pounds per horsepower, a total which represents a fairly close approximation of the power to weight ratio of a Ferrari Enzo.

Verdict: Benelli TnT Sport Evo... if this is evolution, give me regression, or even preferably, intelligent design. Why in the name of heaven would you want those scarlet snaky things all over your motorcycle? WORST!

Benelli TnT Titanium

Ok, well at least the Benelli TnT Titanium doesn't have the bright red punch you in the eye snakey thingys of its Sport Evo stablemate, but unfortunately it's maintained the incredibly jarring two (somewhat darker) snakes that slither out from the side of the fuel tank to go bite the sidecover. A perfect example of an otherwise reasonable motorcycle being devastated by the boorish choice of colors.

The bike is powered by a lusty 1130 cc, liquid cooled, 3 - cylinders in line engine engineered with a bore and stroke of 88 mm x 62 mm and a compression ratio of 11.9:1 which confers upon the motorcycle an elating 137 horsepower (100.8 kW). When we calculate the total curb weight of the motorcycle equalling 425 pounds (193 Kg.), and factor it into the highway-devouring horsepower we get a total calculation of 3.1 pounds per horsepower, a figure that approximates the power to weight ratio of an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Verdict: I'm not riding on a black bike that looks like it has red snakes or worms crawling down the side, along the engine cases and back to the swingarm. Yuck. WORST!

 Benelli Tornado Tre 1130

Benelli styling has been hit and miss almost forever. The original Tornado way back in the day was a vertical twin with possibly the ugliest jugs ever bestowed upon a motorcycle engine. But then just a few years later, Benelli hit styling paydirt with their stunningly beautiful Benelli 750 Sei, a six cylinder CBX-type bike that was hatched within the genius of Alejandro De Tomaso (of De Tomaso car fame) even though from an engineering standpoint it was just a Honda CB500 Four with two extra cylinders grafted on. The Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 is a rare hit among the flotsam and jetsam of the rest of Benelli's styling. It's purposeful, it's gorgeous, I'm in love with their old gold paint color, and all I'd do is trash that creepy headlight that looks like a 1971 Cadillac Coupe De Ville taillight. I love it!

The motorcycle is driven by a powerful 1130 cc, water cooled, 3 - cylinders in line powerplant designed with a bore and stroke of 88 mm x 62 mm and a compression ratio of 13:1 which gives the bike a head-spinning 161 horsepower (118.4 kW). When we compute the total dry weight of the motorcycle tallying up to 438 pounds (199 Kg.), and factor that into the eyeball-flattening power generated we get a total of 2.72 pounds per horsepower, a figure that is not overly different from the power to weight ratio of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Verdict: OMG do I ever love the looks of this bike. No, I wouldn't take its 161 horses for a ride on any public street, but let me loose on a track and I'd shred all day and look great doing it! BEST!

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