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Top 200 Current Motorcycles: Best Or Worst? - Bimota DB7 & Tesi 3D

Updated on May 31, 2009

 Bimota DB7

Let's be very clear: I don't like the styling of most Bimotas... actually the vast majority of them bear a remarkable resemblance to rolling piles of metal scrap with paint jobs that were conceived during LSD bummer trips. Having said that, the Bimota DB7 doesn't overtly offend me as much as most of the rest of the Bimota lineup. It most certainly does not have the classic beauty and perfect harmony of my favorite of the Bimotas, the stunningly lovely DB5R but in its own strangely alluring angular fashion this Bimota does appeal to me on a visceral level. All those sharp semi origami angles do seem to hold together, the girdery frame member at the sidecover position is a vivid demonstration to the whole world (are you reading this, Ducati?) that girder can be attractive when shiny, silvery, and restrained, and frankly I believe that the muffler is a work of art. But they shouldn't have named it with the same moniker as an Aston Martin V12!

The bike is powered by a whirlwind 1099 cc, liquid cooled, 90┬░ l-twin motor with a bore and stroke of 104 mm x 64.7 mm and a compression ratio of 12.5:1 which gives the model a beguiling 160 horsepower (117.7 kW). When we look at the total dry weight of the bike equalling 374 pounds (170 Kg.), and factor the weight in to the strong power available we get a final calculation of 2.34 pounds per horsepower, which is not far off from the power to weight ratio of a Formula One car.

Verdict: No, 160 horsepower does not belong anywhere but the track, but the angular styling of this motorcycle most definitely has me hooked. I love it! BEST!

Bimota Tesi 3D

There really is no point in rehashing what I'd written in my Top 100 Ugliest Motorcycles - 10 Bizarrobikes Hub where the Bimota Tesi 3D came in third with the Tesi 2D leading the pack. "The merry group of psychotic lunatics at Bimota with the Tesi 3D have created yet another engineering structural cross-section and manage to pass it off as a finished motorcycle. What is it with this beam look that resembles a mechanical MRI? Why does the front wheel look like it came off a Lotus Seven? And what's with the scrawny tank and the wasp sting fairing and headlight? Ok, I can at least tell where you sit on this bike and which way is forwards, although if I sat my big fat butt on that Tour De France bicycle seat it would have the effect of a proctological examination. What a waste of perfectly good metal!"

The motorcycle is driven by a dyno-cranking 1079 cc, oil/air cooled, 90┬░ l-twin engine featuring a bore and stroke of 98 mm x 71.5 mm and a compression ratio of 10.5:1 which gives the motorcycle a notable 97 horsepower (71.3 kW). When we calculate the overall dry weight of the motorcycle tallying up to 370 pounds (168 Kg.), and factor it into the mighty horsepower we get a total calculation of 3.81 pounds per horsepower, which is close to the power to weight ratio of a fuel dragster.

Verdict: It's absolutely true. I honestly don't know what they're smoking or snorting in the Bimota styling department, but the Italian police's narcotics squad should rush there right away. WORST!

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    • profile image

      Uyui 4 years ago

      What about identifying the raelly popular hotels for bicycles and leaving note cards in them, pre-paid, pre-adressed. If a guest has a bad experience with motorbikes on the road, they can send in a note. Right now, if someone has a bad experience, they just don't come back. But there is another person that goes for the first time. So it kind of balances out. If no ones tells them it's a problem, they don't know it's a problem. I presume the people in those offices are not cyclists.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Dude, what part of the second sentence of this entire series of Hubs where it states: "A photo and analysis primarily on aesthetic terms is included with each of the 200 bikes" did you not understand? And of course DB7 parrots the Aston, as if Bimota wanted to differentiate itself, it could have been called the BD7 or anything else. As for the output, it is a LEADING candidate for a speed limiter. That kind of power does not belong on public highways, just tracks. Please see:

      Well, at least we do agree on one thing: Rimini is a great place! You can buy me a beer at the Red Devil Pub next time I'm around there! :)

      Now... Tamburini is a small drum and it seems that someone has been drumming his skull if he could come up with a Tesi design so profoundly demented. Please feel free when you see Tambi to ask him "Ue, guaglio' ma che si schemo? Ma che cazz' e motocicletta e fatt'... me pare nu sfacchimm' e scarrafone e metallo! I che lote!" :)

    • vipracing profile image

      vipracing 8 years ago from Rimini Italia

      My dear friend, what you like about the motorcycles are pretty questionable, I read some of your hub and it seems to me that for you is more important the color of the bike than the road holding! I'm glad that at least you like a couple of Bimota! At about the weight and horses: the Bimota DB7 BLACK GOLD, special edition of the DB7, entirely made of carbon to achieve the extraordinary weight of 164 kg. 164 Kg to 164 horses provided by the powerful twin-cylinder 1099 cm3 production Ducati, further developed by Bimota technicians. The result is a weight / power ratio of 1:1 just to be precise!!!!!!! you can read here:

      The name DB7 means Ducati / Bimota model 7 not an imitation of Aston Martin. The Tesi .... the first model Tesi was designed by Tamburini (you know who is Tamburini? and he is not a psychotic lunatics or frequenter of Coccoricò in Riccione, that maybe you know !!!!!! and certainly it's a motorbike with a strange beauty, but to drive it is fantastic, especially on the cornering, if you like I can ask to Tamburini if the night before to design the Tesi had an acid or other?? I see him next Friday to Bimota Club Italia meeting (