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Top 200 Current Motorcycles: Best Or Worst? - Buell Blast & 1125 R

Updated on May 31, 2009

 Buell Blast

I'm going to surprise all my habitual Hub readers with the next pronouncement. I don't mind the Buell Blast! After naming the Buell Lightning number one in the Top 10 Ugliest Motorcycles Of All Time, it would be easy to infer that I hate all Buells. I do. All except the Buell Blast, and the Buell 1125R. The Blast looks like a real blast: Half of a Sportster engine in a bike that although is styled near the extremes of what I can consider acceptable really does work! The "sidecover" area is a metal work of art, the exhaust system works for me (the only Buell that I can say that for) and the rest of the motorcycle shows just enough restraint to be within the parameters of reason while still being eccentric enough to be seen instantly as a Buell. All in all, good work, guys. Now get ready for my reviews of the other Buells!

This motorcycle has a muscular 492 cc, air cooled, single cylinder engine engineered with a bore and stroke of 88.9 mm x 79.4 mm and a compression ratio of 9.2:1 which gives the motorcycle a stupendous 34 horsepower (25.0 kW). When we consider the basic weight of the motorcycle being 359 pounds (163 Kg.), and factor it into the highway-eating power generated we get a sum of 10.55 pounds per horsepower, which is relatively comparable to the power to weight ratio of a Chrysler Crossfire.

Verdict: Hey, Buell, you did one bike right! This is one sweet street thumper, derived from my favorite engine line of all time, with enough great styling cues to look really hot! BEST!

Buell 1125 R

The Buell 1125 R is my second favorite Buell, but I have to definitely make it clear right at the start that while I would give the Blast an 8 out of 10, the 1125 R barely gets a 6, and then mostly on the strength of its incredibly weird batwing front central fairing. The headlights seem to be too pokey outey, I despise that green grayish engine color, and I really massively dislike the downwards pointing swingarm so this is by no stretch of the imagination a great looking bike, it's just attractive for a Buell. When I first saw this bike I just put it off to another lunatic styling exercise from the demented stylists at Buell, but it soon grew on me to the point where I'm actually going to give this one a passing grade!

This bike is driven by a speedy 1125 cc, liquid cooled, v-twin motor featuring a bore and stroke measuring 103 mm x 67.5 mm and a compression ratio of 12.3:1 which gives the model a delightful 146 horsepower (107.4 kW). When we work out the riderless weight of the bike equalling 374 pounds (170 Kg.), and factor it into the eye-opening horsepower the result is 2.56 pounds per horsepower, which is close to the power to weight ratio of a drag racer.

Verdict: Although I have my problems with the rear half of the bike, I'm settling into appreciating the Gotham City fairing and fully expect the Caped Crusader to ride it down my street. BEST!

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