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Top 5 Beautiful Cars (post 2000)

Updated on November 6, 2016

5. Range Rover Evoque

This baby Range Rover is the only SUV on this list being really difficult for a designer to make a beauty statement in this class. Based on Range Rover's LRX concept the Evoque reached production in 2009, after the most expensive market study conducted by the British car manufacturer.

As most SUV producers put emphases on comfort, power and off-road behavior this urban carriage puts most of its selling points on design, making sure at the same time not the lack quality in any of the other subjects.

Max speed
0-100 km/h
281 bhp
400 Nm
217 km/h
7.6 s

4. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Many say that you are not a real petrol-head until you have owned an Alfa Romeo. Well I don't think there is any better proof that the Italian car maker knows what it's doing than this head turning beauty on four wheels.

After the official announcement that the production will begin over 1400 orders have been placed, leading to many disappointments after only 1000 cars have been made. 500 for the coupe and 500 for the roadster.

Max speed
0-100 km/h
444 bhp
470 Nm
306 km/h
4.5 s

3. Ferrari 458

There is no man on earth that doesn't want to drive one Ferrari at least once in his life. The Italian car manufacturer shows us once again that it's unique style and refinement of beauty are as eternal as its name.

The design was done, as all recent Ferraris, by Pininfarina, with the exterior being model for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

This Italian stallion is not only good for looks, but is considered one of the best handling cars on the market, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h that makes his bigger brothers look like old athletes.

Max speed
0-100 km/h
562 bhp
540 Nm
330 km/h
3.1 s

2. Maserati GranTurismo

This Italian eye-catcher is once again the work of Pininfarina, being as famous for its engine noise as it is for its looks. It firstly came out of the factory in 2007 and along with its many special edition it is still being produced today.

It is surprisingly a 2+2 seat-er, the GranTurismo being designed with the idea of creating and perfect harmony between comfort, speed and driving-experience.

Max speed
0-100 km/h
400 bhp
460 Nm
285 km/h
5.0 s

1. Aston Martin One-77

Based on the design philosophy that the British car manufacturer has accustomed us with in the last decade the One-77 is one of their finest works, comparable in beauty only with the DB5. With only 77 produced, as its name suggests and with a price tag of 1.15 million pounds the Aston Martins masterpiece required 2 700 hours of assembling handwork, done by 27 specially trained craftsmen.

Worthy of a Bond appearance the One-77 is the One Most Beautiful Aston ever built and it will for sure be hard to overshadow.

Max speed
0-100 km/h
750 bhp
750 Nm
355 km/h
3.2 s

Do you agree with the top? Which car do you consider is the best looking of the century?

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