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Top 5 Best Selling Cars in the World in 2011

Updated on October 13, 2012

For all of you car aficionados out there, I did some research into the world’s best selling cars for 2011. I was curious and, as you well know; inquiring minds just HAVE to know when their minds “inquire”. What I found, quite frankly, surprised me. Here is how the top 5 world’s best selling cars ranked:

Ford’s F-Series Trucks

Yes, I know – I used the term “cars” in the title for this article as well as in my search engine and Ford trucks came up in the top 5! For many people, their pickup trucks function as their “cars” and many of them are better equipped than most real cars. I have driven my fair share of “pick-em up trucks” and they handle quite well – better than some cars I have driven. And, with the body styles so commonly having back seats of various sizes, they have been transformed into family vehicles and are functioning extremely well in that vane. Talk about multi-purpose and multi-tasking… pickup trucks are well suited to transporting the family anywhere they want to go or transporting building materials, farm implements, furniture or sports and camping equipment. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Oh, and guys don’t be confused or deceived, trucks really CAN be for girls! Apparently, the Ford –Series trucks have been at the top or very near the top of the top 5 ranking for several years; so this love affair that we have with our trucks is not a new phenomenon.

Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck

Yes, the number two spot in the Top 5 world’s best selling cars is another pickup truck! Suffice it to say that Chevy lovers also have a love affair with their pickup trucks that is on-going because this top 5 vehicle has been top ranked for several years as well. You have to admit, the Chevy trucks are right up there in hot competition for the number one rank. They are just as well-built and designed as the Ford F-series and just as well equipped as any pickup out there. The U.S. auto manufacturers sure seem to have the right combination going for them right now! These two trucks ranked one and two in 2010 as well. And, yes guys, this truck is ALSO for girls!

Toyota Camry

My research revealed that the Japanese auto makers had a real shake up after the earthquake (pun intended). Seriously though, the earthquake and the tsunami really wreaked havoc on the abilities of the Japanese auto makers to build and supply their vehicles to their buyers. This would understandably have an affect on any country that experienced these natural disasters. It seems the two Japanese auto makers that were the most seriously affected was Toyota and Honda. The Toyota Corolla and the Honda Accord slid down in the rankings while the Honda’s Civic and CR-V fell out of the top 10 ranking entirely. But the Camry remained in the top 5 ranking as number three. The Camry has long been a popular family-sized car and the people that I know who own them would not give them up. Many of the people that I know who own a Camry are currently driving a second or third one because they fell in love with it with their initial purchase. Dependability, style and comfort are just some of the compliments that you will hear from happy Camry owners.

Nissan Altima is Number Four

This top 5 ranked world’s best selling car actually bounded up from seventh to fourth in the rankings in 2011. This is another of the Japanese auto maker’s winners for 2011. This car is available in a sporty style or a luxury style and is also favored by the owners who frequently purchase second and third Altimas for college aged off-spring as well as to replace the initial purchase when it finally wore out. Dependability, style and comfort are, again, a few of the attributes you will hear from happy Altima owners.

Ford Escape SUV is Number Five

Here is Ford Motor Company again in the top 5 rankings for the world’s best selling cars for 2011. The Ford Escape was not even in the rankings in 2010. This peppy little SUV has really reaped the benefits from the tumble that some of the Toyota and Honda models took after the earthquake and tsunami took its toll on their economy. In 2011, the Escape even out-ranked the Ford Fusion which took sixth place, jumping up from eighth place in 2010.

The Top 5 world’s best selling cars ranking was, to me, quite surprising. At first, I truly expected to see some of the more expensive and unique cars in the ranking. But, after the results of my research were reviewed, I decided that the above ranking of top 5 cars really does make good sense. The common everyday working man and woman cannot afford to pay the much higher prices for those expensive BMW, Lexis and Audi vehicles that we all see cruising up and down the interstates. It only makes good sense that the most popular and best selling vehicles are those that can be purchased by more people. Even though car prices have had their ups and downs over the years, it seems the more functional a vehicle is to the consuming public, the more willing the average working man and woman are to pay the higher prices for some of these more practical vehicles.

The top 5 world’s best selling cars ranking is also eye opening when you consider the love affair that we seem to have with our motor vehicles. This love affair in years past seemed to be a predominately male gender trait but I’m here to tell you that this attitude has changed majorly in the past ten years! I know many females who now own trucks and SUV’s and they do so by choice! These ladies know the value of their money and of multi-tasking and trucks fit into most of their lifestyles perfectly. So, the love affair with our motor vehicles goes on and I can’t wait to see what the top 5 rankings will be for 2012!


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