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Top 5 Car Crashes

Updated on May 30, 2010

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Looking for some twisted fenders? Maybe some flying wheels? How about a car sliding a good mile on its roof? Then these five videos should satisfy those urges for vehicular destruction.. Or in other words, car crashes.

I've compiled a list of my top five car crashes on youtube that promise shock, horror and of course comedy factor. Let's see some flames.

#5: Rally Car Flips

Nice little crash to kick things off. This car sounds like a tray being dropped in a restaurant! What's in the engine bay, cutlery?

#4: Watch That Mini Fly!

This dude looks like he'd be better suited to a stunt plane. Barrel rolls aren't for cars buddy.

#3: Bugatti Veyrons Don't Go In Lakes

What was the driver even doing? This is why you shouldn't try to simultaneously quiff your hair whilst driving a multimillion dollar car. Rookie mistake my friend.

#2: 300MPH Drag Car Crash

This video is incredibly short, partially due to the speed at which this car is pelting, but what a crash! That thing is completely totaled yet the driver lived to tell the tale! Insane.

#1: Mazda RX7 Slides On Roof At Over 200MPH!

This is unbelievable to watch. The Mazda just begins to spin out at 230MPH causing the car to actually take off like a plane! You know what happens next...

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