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Top 5 Cars for Sale in Nigeria 2012

Updated on March 8, 2012

Cars sell pretty fast in Nigeria but not all car brands sell like these top 5 that I’m about to mention. If you are a car dealer or an intending then take note. In 2012, these will most likely be the best selling car brands inNigeriajudging by present market demand.


The best selling car brand inNigeriais theToyotabrand. Nigerians love this car because it is relatively affordable, durable, easy to maintain and can be sold of for a pretty nice price after being used. If you happen to own aToyotathen you are fortunate because if you need to replace it, finding a buyer wouldn’t be a problem at least if you have to compare with how long it will take to dispose of other car makes. That explains why it is the best selling car inNigeria.


In second position is the Honda car brand. The most popular makes as they are nicknamed include; end of discussion, discussion continues, baby boy, bullet and civic. Nigerian young and upwardly mobile men love this car for its strength and speed but also because it is also easy to maintain. It is slightly more expensive than theToyotabut you can be sure of better road performance with this car.


The Volkswagen has been around inNigeriafor a very long time but it is fast losing its place due to the new entrants in the market. The product range of Passat, Beetle, golf and Toureg are great road performers in this family of cars but you can’t trust them to be as dependable as the Toyota or Honda, well at least so that market seems to say.


Korean made cars are slowly displacing more traditional BMW, Volvo and Mitsubishi range of cars. The picanto, rio and others in the brand have suddenly become the darlings of many car owners perhaps for the affordability or may be their appeal to the female folk and price conscious businesses. The kia is number 4 selling car brand inNigeria.


The Peugeot range of cars seem to be the preferred choice among government workers who either purchase these cars through car loans or have government purchase them as official cars. They are usually assembled locally by Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) and hence you can be sure that it may be connected to being proudly Nigerian.


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    • profile image

      Abiodun 5 years ago

      What of range rovers jeep

    • profile image

      Olamide Babatunde 5 years ago

      why is Baby Benz and Meszedis Benz not among the top 5 cars in Nigeria?