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Top five Hybrid Cars in 2010

Updated on August 5, 2011
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In our present world, we see that modern hybrid technology has improved so far. We know green technology is an essential for saving our energies. Hybrid cars use this green technology. However, there are so many misinformations about hybrid cars. Here, I will be trying to point out you about hybrid cars that exist now and made in 2010. This article will provide many information about hybrid cars, their functions, why using hybrid cars and about green technology etc.

Why we will use hybrid cars:

Just last year, you might not have knowledge about a hybrid car as your primary picking as buying a car. When it comes to purchase an environmentally best car, hybrid cars are currently the best selection for us. Scientist proves that, hybrid cars give out less Carbon-die-oxide and Nitrogen Oxide. They can run on a very efficient way and can save thrice than of normal cars.

The top 5 best hybrid cars in 2010:

1. Toyota Prius 2010:

At present, the Toyota Prius 2010 is the best hybrid car awarded and introduced to the USA in 2001. It is the most fuel-efficient gas-electric motorized car. It has the bounty of a backseat breathing space and ample rear door system.

Toyota Prius 2010 Structure:

MPG: city/hwy: 51/48

CO2 emissions: 127 g/per mile

NOx emissions: 0.003 g/per mile

MSRP: $22,400+

Car class: Midsize body

2. Honda Civic Hybrid 2010:

It is presently world’s second best selling hybrid functional car. It also introduced in USA in 2001.

Honda Civic Hybrid Structure:

MPG: city/hwy: 40/45

CO2 emissions: 148 g/per mile

NOx emissions: 0.010 g/per mile

MSRP: $23,600+

Car class: 4-door blue sedan

3. Honda Insight Hybrid 2010

One function of the Eco assisted is a driver-activated ECON switch that, at what time pushed, optimizes to be in command of the transmission and other power train essentials to preserve oil.

Honda Insight Hybrid Structure:

MPG: city/hwy: 40/43

CO2 emissions: 150 g/per mile

NOx emissions: 0.010 g/per mile

MSRP: $20,000+

Car class: Nice small car

4. Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010:

It is made with Smart Gauge. It is a device cluster that made for tech lovers who want to display sequence charge point with four gauge mode.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Structure:

MPG: city/hwy: 41/36

CO2 emissions: 162 g/per mile

NOx emissions: 0.010 g/per mile

MSRP: $27,995+

Car class: Middle size sedan

5. Lexus HS 250h 2010:

Toyota’s luxury brand, including the door scuff plates, the seats, and the cargo bay from plant-based materials.

Lexus HS 250h Structure:

MPG: city/hwy: 35/34

CO2 emissions: 181 g/per mile

NOx emissions: 0.005 g/per mile

MSRP: $34,200+

Car class: Midsize Shape

Writer’s opinion:

As a green lover person, I think energy efficiency technologies may be the largest part of significant reasons in your selection to buy a car. Therefore, any choice for buying a car should go through by green technology.


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    • ankandhk profile image

      ankandhk 6 years ago from A blessing from Almighty God!

      Thanks for reading this hub, surely I am going to publish more about loving cars!

    • downpourofwords profile image

      downpourofwords 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas, USA

      Loved reading this hub since I am a crazy fanatic about cars. Recently I drove the Lexus and Honda Prius. These beauties live up to their expectations. Hub Voted UP.