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Name Brand Racing Helmets

Updated on May 18, 2013

So you're looking for a nice brand racing helmet that suits your racing needs that meets up to the requirements for your racing program or organization.......The only questions you maybe asking is: "Where to look for a durable racing helmet?" and "What type of racing helmets are out there?"

Regardless, if you're new to racing or a season veteran in a sport like NASCAR, there are some ways to find the best deals on the racing market today despite the worst times in the economy. In this article, I'm going to explain more in detail on the recommended manufacturers to choose from and I'm going to give a review of "The Top 5 best racing helmets" that is recommended for an up and coming race car driver.

Simpson Racing Helmets

Okay, its not a surprise to many people that are into racing know about Simpson Racing Equipment, they manufacture not only helmets but also other safety equipment such as firesuits, gloves, racing shoes, and even safety gear for drag racing. Since we are only talking about racing helmets, Simpson offers a majority of helmets for different categories of racing from circle-track, dirt track, karting, drag-racing, motorcycle, off-road, and even collector helmets that came from NASCAR teams. All helmets that Simpson supply are SNELL 2010 & SFI Certified, and also features for full-face helmets a way to have HANS Device Clips installed for a way to use the HANS Device safety really helps and plus its mandatory in auto-racing. Also, every helmet that Simpson puts out are aerodynamically tested in a wind-tunnel for lift, buffer, and for most importantly to find a way of minimizing "stalled air" on top of the helmet to develop the next benefit in keeping the drivers head cool.

One last thing that Simpson Racing Products offers is a way of relining the inside of your racing helmet, they repair the inner lining or "relining" of any SNELL 2005 rated helmet that you've used. This is a good brand in the name of safety but my only exception is they are little bit hyped up on the price and they don't offer much in the variety of racing helmets.....but still it's a decent brand.

Bell Racing Helmets

When you hear the name Bell Racing Helmets.....the name would sound familiar when looking for a bicycle helmet and this is true because Bell started out distributing bicycle helmets back in the mid-1970s. While racing safety was concentrated with motorsports, Bell came out with a way to provide a helmet that was made for your child to ride up and down the street on their bicycle, for a "Tour Du France" cyclist champion, or maybe for a crazy man on a "unicycle" from busting his head open.........

Bell Racing was started back in 1923 that was an auto-part store known as Bell Auto Parts. In the 1950s, that was when we can start talking racing helmets-----Bell came out with a typical "football helmet" that most race car drivers only had back in the day. Now today in the 21st century, Bell manufactures helmets for all applications including for wider ranges like ATV's, autocross, boat racing, open wheel, and for Formula classes.....

Every helmet is SNELL 2010, and SFI certified........The other certifications for each class of helmet that you're permitted to wearing can also be found on each helmet description along with the benefits of what that particular helmet you're staring at can since each helmet is sorted with the type of racing you want to participate in, it just gives you a 1-2-3 option of what you're looking for.

If you want to go "old-school" with one of the best "old-school" companies, then Bell is the company you want to talk to..........

Arai Racing Helmets

One of the top choices in world of motorsports that include the top drivers in Formula 1 and MOTOGP have given the brand known as Arai Racing Helmets the exposure in the name of safety over the past 75 years in racing. Arai was developed back in 1926 by Japanese hatmaker Hirotake Arai, who was fascinated with the sport of MOTOGP and World Superbike racing action. He came out with the way of providing a family business in return to helping put Arai as #1 in the hands of the best customers of motorsports. Arai has been used by championship winning-drivers like from NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and MOTOGP rider Nickey Hayden since their starts in the big leagues.

All the benefits of Arai's helmet technology lead to a lightweight fiberglass design with a lower-center of gravity that gives a feel for balance and less strain. Also, every Arai helment has a single-piece of multiple-density liners that gives the cooling effects of air ventilation to the driver's head.

Arai has been voted a 13-time J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction in Motorcycle-Helmet classifications and as #1 in helmet innovation. Why Arai????Well, my way of answering the question in this company review, is that Arai not only looks to meet the standards of the regulations of SNELL and SFI, but they exceed the expectations meaning they look after their customers as they come first in offering the safest way of buying the top brand helmet at a competitive and low price.

Top 5 Best Racing Helmets

Now comes the best part of this article presentation and that being the product reviews of the "Top 5 Best Racing Helmets." I will go over the helmets that I've picked out that has caught my eye and have impressed me to writing about these helmets. These helmets have not only impressed myself but also have given a great impression to other people on the web. Anyway, here are the Top 5 best below.

Bell GP.2 CMR Karting Pro Series Helmet

The Bell GP.2 Karting Pro Series Helmet combines advanced F1 styling, an innovative air intake system for maximum ventilation and leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The Snell CMR2007 GP.2 is a fantastic choice for Youth karters who demand superior features and is considered a light weight, durable, and excellent fit for "tommorrow's stars". The redesigned GP.2 features a front aero chin bar, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, pro-style interior for outstanding comfort and a front air intake that forces air into the helmet's forehead vents for maximum ventilation. The .200mm GP.2 air intake is replaceable and the helmet can be used without the air intake. The direct flow upper and lower chin bar vents on the front of the helmet help to increase airflow and prevent shield fogging.

Summary of Features:

  • Formula Style Helmet
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Styling
  • Air Intake To Maximize Forehead Ventilation
  • Direct Flow Chin Bar Ventilation
  • Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell Technology
  • Standard Eyeport
  • Positive Seal Visor System
  • Recessed Face Piece for Seamless Radio Integration
  • E-Max Plus Multi Density Liner
  • Pro Style Comfort-Plus Interior
  • M6 Terminal Hardware for Head & Neck Restraint Device Anchor Systems
  • Snell CMR2007 Certification

Bell GP.2 CMR Karting Pro Series Helmet

Impact Charger Helmet

The IMPACT Charger Helmet is designed with an oversized wrap-around eyeport for a wide-angle panoramic view and an extended chinbar to stabilize the airflow around the helmet. Constructed of lightweight composites taken from the aerospace industry, the CHARGER also includes Impact’s fire-retardant, variable-density, single-piece Gray Matter helmet liner, our standard eyeport with a three-position detent 1/8” polycarbonate shield, interchangeable sizing cheekpads and a fire-retardant Kevlar chinstrap with dual D-Ring closure.

Summary of Features:

  • Shell construction featuring proprietary lightweight composites.
  • Dual slotted forehead vents.
  • Extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting.
  • Gray Matter fire-retardant covered liner made of Impact's "intelligent" single piece variable-density core.
  • Interchangeable cheekpads for a perfect fit (comes with std cheekpads, other sizes are extra).
  • Fire-retardant Kevlar® chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design.
  • .125" Clear Shield comes standard with 3 position detent
  • SNELL 2010 and SFI Certified

Arai Corsair V Helmet

The Arai Corsair V helmet is a motorcycle-racing aerodynamic designed helmet with an intermediate oval (IO) Compact-Shell shape that offers the bike riders comfort and stability with the riders head being longer in the front-to-back head dimension than the side-to-side width which means it fits more snug to fit the riders head than the way of other helmets where the driver/riders helmet being misshaped. The Arai Corsair-V helmet is also designed with outward-flaring ridge and patented air-wing to help with aerodynamics, center-of-gravity, and helps reduce all the key factors in drag, turbulence, buffeting, and most importantly with balance. This helmet is designed with a DF-10 Diffuser and side ventilation slots to help with enhancing air inlets to increase air-flow efficiency with the middle intake slot for more negative pressure backflow and the top intake slots that work well with more air intake in aerodynamics around the top section. Also, the Corsair-V is featured with brow ventilation ducts around the inner layer of the helmet to help incoming air come in around the other vent ports and redirect the air to the temples and around the ears instead of around the forehead area, this will benefit only in cooling the riders blood flow to the brain and helps extract bad air out of the inner areas. All other features include peripheral belting, removable and replaceable vent neck-collar, noise-absorbing ear-pads, dry-cool inner-liner, and an emergency cheekpad removal system.

Summary of Features:

  • Compact Organic Shell Shape
  • Wider Eyeport
  • Peripheral Belting
  • Outward-Flaring Hyper-ridge
  • Patented Air-Wing
  • Brow-Vent Channeling
  • DF-10 Diffuser
  • Side-vent exhaust ports
  • Noise-Absorbing Ear-Pads
  • Removable/Replaceable Neck-Roll
  • Dry-Cool Liner

Bell Star Infusion Helmet

Based on the Star GP design and built on innovations first developed in the Bell Infusion, the Star Infusion is the ultimate in forced air helmet technology. The Bell Star Infusion Helmet is the first model in the industry that can be used as either a side air forced air or top air forced air model. Sold in the top forced air configuration, the Star Infusion can easily be adapted for use as a side forced air helmet though an innovative kit system. The helmet can also be used in a non-forced air configuration. The Star Infusion is the helmet of choice for racers in a closed car environment using a forced air system.

The Bell Star Infusion features an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, high-tech aggressive aero styling and a pro-plus style interior that provides superior comfort. The pro-plus interior delivers a custom interior fit by combining Bell's soft plush-density fit pad system, contoured cheek-grip pad system to reduce movement and integrated collar that is designed to fully support the driver's lower jawbone area. Also, the Bell Star Infusion Helmet incorporates Bell's ground-breaking air chamber technology to increase pressure and accelerate airflow to maximize and divide internal airflow for improved ventilation, comfort, and as well prevent "fogging" of the front facial shield.

Simpson Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Bandit Helmet is another racing helmet used mostly by most local racers that racing in quarter midgets or at your local drag-strip by most that race jr.dragsters or full-scale drag-cars that race in the upper racing leagues like the NHRA Sportsman division or in any class of the IHRA. This helmet has a "flag-ship" design that improves limited aerodynamics and is compatible with hooking up a Head-and-Neck-Restraint. With limited ventilation, the Simpson Bandit does have 6 ventilation ports on the front of the helmet that brings air in internally to cool the driver's face and this helmet also has removable cheek pads.

Summary of Features:

  • Classic Flag-Ship Aerodynamic Design
  • HANS Compatible
  • Radio Communication capable
  • Removable Cheek pads
  • SNELL SA 2010 Rated

Arai Foundation Video

Bell Racing Helmets Review Video


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