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Top Accessories To Have On Any ATV

Updated on January 23, 2012
Polaris Sportsman
Polaris Sportsman | Source

Wondering what the next item should be to put on your ATV? There are so many accessories out there that it's hard to choose the best ones. I recently bought a 4wheeler and judging by what I do and have done with it, I've compiled a list of must have accessories on every quad. Here they are:

Polaris 2500 lb. Winch
Polaris 2500 lb. Winch | Source

A Winch. Every serious 4wheeling individual needs a winch. Whether you're getting stuck in the mud, pulling someone out of the mud, or yanking some trees around to make a path, you need a winch! It makes work so much easier! I have a Polaris 2500 lb. winch and it works wonderfully. It's pulled me out of every mud hole, pulled several other people out of a mud hole, and helped me clean off numerous paths. You can buy a bigger one if you plan on moving more heavy duty things, but for the everyday rider, a 2500 lb. winch will be a perfect fit! Whichever winch you end up purchasing, make sure that it comes with, or you purchase the mounting kit separately. Without the mounting kit, you won't get very far. That's why I like the Polaris winch. It came with everything I needed and was installed and being used in 90 minutes.

Front Brush Guard
Front Brush Guard | Source
Rear Bumper
Rear Bumper | Source

Front and Rear Bumper Guards. Ever crash into someone? Ever have someone crash into you? It's disheartening when you look behind you and see a crack in your plastic or a smashed taillight. To prevent and help keep your 4wheeler looking new, invest in some front and rear bumper guards! Not only do they make your machine look mean, they protect it in the process! You can have the dealer put them on or you can install them yourself with just a few screws and some spacers.

Back Rack Extender
Back Rack Extender | Source

Back Rack Extender. Are you a hunter? Rifle or bow hunters can benefit from the back rack. It provides a rest for extra things on your 4wheeler such as bookbags and seats, and can even be a holder for your bow and rifle if you purchase the gun grips! Whatever the reason may be, a back rack is surely an accessory that's worth the money. These are easily installed on your Polaris by a few screws, and can be done yourself.

Front Cargo Storage Box
Front Cargo Storage Box | Source

Front Cargo Storage Box. For even more storage area, you need to have the front storage compartment. The Polaris "Lock & Ride" makes it so easy to purchase the storage box and snap it right in to the front of the 4wheeler! I recently bought one and it took literally 20 seconds to get rid of the front rack and replace it with the storage box. It give you that extra room to store emergency items or items your using on your trip!

Heated Hand Grips
Heated Hand Grips | Source
Heated Throttle Grip
Heated Throttle Grip | Source

Hand & Thumb Warmers. For those of you who ride in the cold, this is the accessory for you! They are one of the best accessories I purchased for my 4wheeler. They keep your hands warm, even in cold temperatures. If you've ever ridden a snowmobile with heated hand and thumb warmers, it's the exact same thing. My hands never get cold! They are also easily installed, and can be done by you at home. You just need to know how to match up the pre-labeled wires. Get yourself a pair today!

Polaris "Lock And Ride" Plow
Polaris "Lock And Ride" Plow | Source

A Plow. Again, Polaris has made it so easy to purchase and install a plow. It literally locks on and off in seconds! A plow is such a good investment, and when installed by yourself, isn't that big of a purchase. If you don't have a plow system, or want a new one, you should definitely look into it. You can remove the plow quickly and easily if you want to take a ride on the trail, and snap it back on in seconds to plow the driveway when you get home. You can't go wrong when buying a plow (as long as you live where it snows!) because you'll always use it!

If you don't have all of these accessories for your atv, you're missing out. If you have the money, and want your 4wheeler to be up to every standard, go get these accessories! You won't be disappointed.


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