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Top Car Model in the Philippines – 2013

Updated on April 14, 2014

Toyota Still Leads Buyer Preference

Toyota remains as the leading car maker in the Philippines with four of its own fleet occupies the top spot of the consumer preference index, these includes the Vios, Innova, Fortuner and Hiace.

Philippine car buyers usually rate cars based on its affordability, fuel efficiency , durability, resale value, and after sales service, this is precisely the reason why Toyota as a car brand is dominating in this sector.

The Top Car Models

  • Toyota Vios
    A consistent number 1 since its introduction in the Philippine market, this compact and affordable model from Toyota continues to be a popular choice among young professionals with its simple yet sleek design complimenting an economical fuel usage.

  • Mitsubishi Montero
    Formerly known as the Pajero, the Montero didn’t lose any edge after its rebranding as it remains a favourite among the adventurous automobile owners. Great for long driving and off road activities, the Montero puts a strong grip at the number 2 spot.

  • Toyota Innova
    Stamping its class in the compact MPV market, the Innova remains the top choice for family transport since it’s succeeded the Revo model. It comes with a gasoline and common rail diesel engine.

  • Toyota Fortuner
    Considered as cheap for a medium sized SUV, the Fortuner changed the SUV market since its introduction in 2004. Its spacious interiors make it a great choice for families and are available in four-wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

  • Mitsubishi Adventure
    The first compact MPV from Mitsubishi to crack the top 10 list in the Philippines. The Adventure always retains a consistent high rank in the market in Southeast Asia mainly because of its affordability, great design and high performance on the road.

  • Mitsubishi Mirage
    The current Mirage which came out of production lines is a subcompact hatchback which appeals also to young professionals and students. The stylish small frame makes it an ideal urban vehicle that fits the active lifestyles of young drivers.

  • Honda City
    City is a counterpart of the Vios and known for its sleek and practical use remains at number 7 in the Philippines but its popularity continues to rise in the world market selling 1.2 million units in more than 40 countries since its inception.

  • Isuzu Crosswind
    The Crosswind breaks the monopoly of Toyota and Mitsubishi in the top ten by landing the eight spot. Its dependable diesel engine makes it a perfect choice for car owners looking for an economical ride within the city and even on a longer drive to the provinces.

  • Toyota Hi-ace
    The Hiace is a familiar placer in the Philippines’ top 10 cars as it provides a spacious ride for the whole family. Great for leisure driving and strolling in the urban areas as well as for family weekend excursions.

  • Toyota Hilux
    The Hilux becomes the first pickup vehicle in the top 10. This sixth generation pickup from Toyota is powered by an engine as powerful as a 3.0 L diesel l4 with either a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmissions.

Car Ranking According to No. of Units Sold in Philippines - 2013

  1. Toyota Vios - 15,008 Units
  2. Misubishi Montero - 10,667 Units
  3. Toyota Innova - 10,499 Units
  4. Toyota Fortuner - 8,953 Units
  5. Mitsubishi Adventure - 5,815 Units
  6. Mistubishi Mirage - 5,772 Units
  7. Honda City - 5,805 Units
  8. Isuzu Crosswind - 4,987 Units
  9. Toyota Hiace - 4,944 Units
  10. Toyota Hilux - 4,787 Units

The Philippines car market is dominated by both Toyota and Mitsubishi mainly because of its strong appeal to the mainstream car drivers. However, each month a new car model from another company makes a splash and it remains to be seen if we will see more car model from other companies join the Isuzu Crosswind to crack the top 10 aside from the usual Toyota and Mitsubishi manufactured automobiles.

Allow me to leave a YouTube Video clip from Top Gear Philippines below.

Youtube Video from Top Gear Philippines

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