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Top Rated Mountain Bikes: Which Mountain Bike is Best For You?

Updated on August 3, 2012

For those who are new to mountain biking or for those who are looking to go to the next step in their mountain biking experience, finding the best mountain bike for their needs is crucial for their biking advancement. However, it can be hard to really know which mountain bike is best for your specific needs, without a guide or some pre-knowledge to help you through the buying process, and so that you know that your investment was truly the right decision.

Whilst many mountain bikers will already have an idea of which mountain bike would be best for them, (taking budget and quality into consideration), it is inevitable that they might not be getting the best deal available to them! So, it is important to do the necessary research and testing, to find out precisely which mountain bike would be best for you.

A high jump on a mountain bike track. all credit for this image belongs to NN1875 via.
A high jump on a mountain bike track. all credit for this image belongs to NN1875 via. | Source

Understanding Where You Are In Terms of Mountain Biking.

Before even contemplating buying a new mountain bike, you should always evaluate where you are with mountain biking.

For instance, if you are a biker who enjoys riding BMXs, motor bikes, mountain bikes etc. but not mountain biking specifically, you may want to separate your money into each type and get one for each purpose.

However, if you are only specifically looking for a bike for mountain biking, your money obviously would be better going straight towards the best mountain bike you can find.

Also, your need in the field of mountain biking will also dictate how much money realistically, you should be spending. So if you're looking more into the professional range of mountain biking, you will inevitably need a much more extravagant bike for your purposes. Although, if you are likely to only use your bike for occasional rides around the block, or to work and back, you may want a cheaper more standard bike.

Understanding Your Budget.

Regarding the financial aspect of mountain biking, you need to evaluate exactly how much money you are willing to spend on equipment and the bike itself.

Now, if you are planning on buying your bike in parts, which you can hire someone to put together for you, you may want to map out all your costs before investing straight away. Otherwise, you may find that the cost of all the parts and the hiring, was a little over the amount that you first thought.

Alternatively, if you are going to buy an already built mountain bike, you need to refer back to what kind of mountain biker you are, to correctly decide how much you are willing to spend. It is also important to take into consideration whether you want extra suspension, a specific type of frame or extra thick wheels added to your riding experience, as whilst these will cost more they will overall enhance the quality of your mountain bike and therefore the enjoyment.

Understanding Where To Buy Your Mountain Bike.

Finally, you now know your budget the mountain bike and any accessories you may want with it, and you also know where you are in terms of mountain biking and what kind of experience that you are looking for.

The only thing remaining, is to know where you can look for the best prices and quality of mountain bikes available, and answer the question of which mountain bike is best for me? But while there are many great retailers which will sell mountain bikes, BMXs, Cyclo-cross, Downhill, Triathlon etc. I personally recommend "" as it is a great source for researching potential mountain bikes, and eventually making a decision based on your personal preference.

A Great Video on Choosing The Best Mountain Bike For You!

Thanks to Comorsports for this amazing video. All credit for this video belongs to Comorsports.


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      iamasportsfan 5 years ago from The World Wide Web

      Mountain biking is great fun, I love downhills