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Top Ten Car Accessories Explored

Updated on September 6, 2013


This gadget though is exclusively for General Motor vehicles includes some interesting features. The step by step navigation and hands free calling is what makes it very useful in the vehicle.

The device is also equipped for tracking your cars diagnostics, which enables OnStar to automatically activate in case (God Forbid) there’s an accident.

OnStar also features remote unlocking of the vehicle doors for helping the police to enter the car in an event of a car theft.



If your car does not incorporate a built-in Bluetooth facility, you better install it immediately and enjoy the great feats offered by this technology.

We all are very familiar with the word Bluetooth, its present in our cell phones, computers, stereos, portable players etc. The technology allows the involved gadgets to interact wirelessly.

When installed in your car it would transform your vehicle into a live music streaming machine, or more simply a hands free mobile phone.

Stereos incorporating Bluetooth may even have the ability to display call data over the stereo LCD, and might allow you to use your car speakers for listening to the calls conversations loud and clear. If your car stereo player is playing music at higher volumes, it’s quickly cut down by the system when an incoming call hits over your cell phone.

There are many universal kits available in the market and are pretty portable, so you can easily get one of them fitted in your car.

However the ones which are solely intended for stereos are the ones you should go for, because they are the best with the features.

But if you are buying a new car, better make sure it employs this device built-in.


Multi-Featured Dock

Nowadays our car is not just a vehicle to us, it’s a lot more than that, for example today many of us use a car quite like a mobile base station, carrying out many office jobs and other important things wirelessly through many gadgets such as computers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phones, satellite phones, car pones….all tied together under one roof.

However the above situation can make things a bit messier. To sort out the issue you may opt for an All-in-one Dock or a multi-featured Dock which can make things pretty convenient by displaying all the ongoing interactions over a single display and also making sure your laptop and cell phones remain appropriately charged while you are busy working with these units.


A Stereo with Zapping Features

Say good-bye to the old 8-track car stereos and switch to the modern MP-3 compatible car stereos. These units are able to produce outstanding music qualities with massive power outputs which could pump your car subwoofers to the limit.

Say no to the systems which boast auxiliary ports for supporting output integrations, AUX inputs are pretty inefficient and does not help better sound qualities, rather go for systems which have built-in features, some of them would even support controls over your steering round for enabling easy manipulations of the various switching.


A Remote Start Security System

A security system for your car which allows remote start to your car is the best in the list. As an example, the VIPER responder is one such unit which may be used for initiating a cars ignition right from your office which may be well beyond 50 meter from the vehicle. It also includes numerous advanced security features which would provide an ultimate safety to your car from all possible thefts.


Alcohol Warner

Drinking and driving is dangerous, yet many people keep breaking the laws and pay heavy penalty for the deeds. An effective way of eliminating this hazard is to employ an alcohol detector/ignition breaker. The system will detect even the minutest traces of alcohol in the driving compartment and instantly disable the ignition, forcing an immediate parking aside of the vehicle. The ignition just won’t start until the air inside the car becomes completely free of the alcohol traces.


Navigation Module

I am sure you wouldn't be too much interested wandering across unknown or uninvited terrains while guessing your destinations through older means. Right, then you would like to install and switch to an on-board satellite navigation system which shows you over a smart display regarding your exact position over the local map or the area. This becomes possible via the GPS, you may be already knowing about it, it’s also called Global Positioning System.

The system not only informs you regarding your position on the respective regions but also an updated intelligent database of the system keeps you alerted about many additional things which saves your precious time while you are driving and helps to reach your destination comfortably and efficiently.


Parking Rear Obstacle Detector

This is yet another useful device that every car should own. Getting a parking assistance from such an intelligent device can be really cool as it alerts you through rapid beeping alarms regarding all obstacles behind the car while backing up. Thus it helps you to understand the proximity of the nearing end wall while you safely park your car in the parking lot.


Behavior Recognizer or Attention Assist

With advancement in technology our vehicles too need to stride with time. Attention assist is a device which may be installed in your car for assisting your senses so that you drive with enhanced safety. These devices closely monitor your driving pattern and quickly understand if you are not doing it properly, may be due to fatigue, carelessness or due to sleepiness. Under such conditions the device will immediately warn you regarding the abnormal and dangerous driving patterns that you may be following.


Nocturnal Eyes or Night Vision

Today all cars come with blinding headlights, that’s true, but how far do their lights reach? Moreover these don’t allow you to see things beyond there scope, and on the sides under pitch darkness. So how cool it would be, acquiring a nocturnal vision for your eyes? Also popularly known as night vision, once you wear them you would be able to see all that’s around you even on moonless pitch dark nights, absolutely crystal clear. With it on your side you can drive your car comfortably even during stark nights, as if it was broad daylight.


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    • Gladis2011 profile image

      Gladis2011 4 years ago from Mumbai, India

      You are welcome leslie!

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      lesliebyars 4 years ago

      Very nice hub. A few of these I never heard of so thanks for teaching me some new things.