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Top Ten List Of Cars To Live In

Updated on February 3, 2014

List Of Cars To Live In Should You Have To

After reading an article on the top ten cars you can live in I decided to add my own opinions and ideas here.

This is geared towards those who know the impending future is going to land them homeless.

While the top ten cars they suggested were good ideas. Mostly vans, chevy suburban, honda element, mazda 5, volvo 740, ford edge. I was surprised that they didn't include a few other top four door contenders. Although it was only the top ten and granted while the vans and crossovers are going to make that top ten list for space and privacy there are others that one can live in fairly comfortably.

The first and obvious choice is the Ford Econoline van and I can see why. They are roomy and offer privacy. However, I personally don't like them. The only advantage I see to living in a van is that they have enough room to put a sleeping bag in the back and they have enough room for an air mattress or other extra padding which will save on fuel by not having to let it idle at night when it's cold and will also help save the valves. Letting a vehicle idle for long periods of time is very bad for the valves and will eventually lead to valve failure although there are some tough cars out there than handle it rather well although all will need a valve replacement after long periods of idling.

So my top choice would be a van. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Ford Econoline, it could be a chevy or dodge van however my first pick for one that will last would be a chevy van. I know nothing about the old Ford vans so I can't speak to their reliability. I can't speak for any of them really. But I've heard many good things about the chevy trucks so I can't imagine that the vans would be much poorer.

If you're a tall, big person a van might be the ideal choice. But if you're smaller and can sleep comfortably in a smaller space and want better gas mileage you might consider other smaller cars. By smaller I don't mean the volkswagon golf/rabbit they suggest. One might want to be hip but believe me this is going to wear off quickly after a couple of nights of extremely uncomfortable sleeping.

As one who travels frequently and often stops for a quick nap and has the availability of rental cars I can tell you firsthand you most certainly want a midsize vehicle or larger for sleeping. Anything smaller and you're going to be uncomfortable. You're not going to like a compact or even alot of midsize vehicles. One such vehicle is the pontiac G6. Surprisingly, I had one for a rental a couple of years back and tried napping in it and while it was okay for an hour I can tell you it didn't have the room that many other cars it's size have.

Well, for my top ten four door recommendations.

The first and obvious choice would be the Ford Crown Vic/Mercury Grand Marquis. It's large and roomy and offers alot of legroom. However, it's gas mileage is not going to be as good as a V6. But you can pick them up reasonably priced. And I've heard they last.

2nd choice: The Buick Lesabre. It is big and roomy with a V6 so it offers better gas mileage and from everything I've heard it's one of the best american made cars built. If you want something slightly smaller you could try the Buick Century and they too are reasonably priced.

3rd choice: The Ford Taurus. It is very roomy inside and offers more legroom than some. The seats recline all the way back. It is fairly reliable. I drove mine to 250k when I traded it and it still run fine although it had had a valve job and I had done a few repairs and only one that stranded me. They're very good cars at warning if there's a problem giving ample time to take it to a shop. And best of all you can get them fairly cheap especially if you don't mind one with a few scrapes on the body.

4th choice: Chevy Impala. They too are roomy and comfortable but don't offer as much legroom as the Taurus. At least the newer ones. The older ones probably do since they are bigger. Their seats also recline all the way back. They are more expensive however but I've heard they too last well.

5th choice: Toyota Camry. The 2007(don't buy the four cylinder) and newer. They too are very roomy, have reclining seats that go all the way back and are comfortable and of course last and they look nice. Most of the time you could just pass as a traveller unless you sleep in the same place all the time.

6th choice: Cadillac. Any cadillac will be roomy and spacious. As for price, you're going to pay more but some of the older ones can be had for less than you would imagine and they too have a good reliability record. As for gas mileage, it's not going to be easy on gas.

7th choice: Volkwagon vans. These would be my first choice for a van. They are roomy and comfortable and last and if someone does spy you sleeping in it they will just think you're eccentric.

8th choice: Ford or Chevy van. While they aren't my first choices they are roomy and can be bought pretty cheap and you will save on fuel by having a sleeping bag in it.

9th choice: I ,too, have to include the volvo 740 on the list. They are roomy and last forever. However, when something does go wrong they can be very pricey to fix if the mechanic can even figure out what's wrong with it. My dad owned a bunch of them and while they did last I probably would never buy one for myself because of how difficult it was to find a good mechanic for them and how expensive they were to repair.

10th choice: I have to include the chevy suburban on my list too because of it's size. However, gas is another story. I'm not sure I'd like it as much as a van so if I were buying something that I might have to sleep in it would probably be a van. Although I've travelled and managed relatively well doing most of my sleeping in a 4 door automobile like the Taurus or something similar.

Now hopefully, you won't be taking to your vehicle for a home but many people have to. This is just something to consider if you think you may one day have to or you are on the verge of moving into your car.


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