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2018 Toyota Tundra Diesel

Updated on December 24, 2017


Why do we like half ton diesels so much? Do we need that much power in a 1500? Whatever the reason may be, we like them. Many have speculated that Toyota would enter the HD half half ton world. But will they actually try to crack into that market? That’s what we will be discussing in this article.


Why would Toyota enter into the half-ton diesel market? They have to have motivation, right? The first reason I think Toyota should enter the market is the demand for it. Smaller diesels have many benifits that the consumer is after. Small diesel equiped vehicles have more power, tow better than gas equivalent vehicles, and get better fuel economy. This class of vehicle is on track to grow in popularity very quickly.

The second reason I believe Toyota should enter into the half-ton diesel world is that a diesel engine would lift the Tundra from mediocracy. Yes I said it, the Tundra is a mediocre pick-up truck. The addition of a diesel to the engine option list would be of huge benifit, especially if the name on the engine was associated with an American made engine maker.

The third reason Toyota should offer a diesel is that it would offer a segway into the heavy duty world. I am not saying that a Tundra with a diesel engine would be able to compete with the torque monsters of the hd diesel world, but it would put a foot in the door. I have no idea if Toyota wants to compete in the competitive world of hd trucks. I think they should take the step from half to three quarter ton.

Why Not?

There are many reason why Toyota has not entered the world of diesel pick-up trucks. One reason could be because the truck world is dominated by American manufacturers. Yes, Toyota does have hold of the midsize realm, but the full size market is not Toyota’s forte. It would be a huge risk to try to crack that market especially after the Nissan Titan XD not doing so well.

Another reason Toyota may be shying away from diesels is that Nissan already has the Cummins badge. Im sure Cummins would be willing to supply Toyota with engines but that would be like taking half of a very small pie. There is not enough room for the both of them.

A third reason is the simple fact that people associate Toyota with fuel efficient mid to small cars.

The camry is the money maker. Why take a risk when you could stick with your bread and butter.


Will Toyota advance into the diesel world? I don’t know, but they could if they wanted to. All they need is the right partner and a good marketing strategy. I believe the market is ready. Toyota should get in before its to late.


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